Tri-Tanka V (coffee)

Fussy? Yes perhaps
but for me there’s no excuse
for tasteless coffee
made carelessly without soul
Listless, dull and moribund

Especially when out
Cafes, restaurants and pubs
in particular
Coffee from the roasted bean
is all that passes muster

Coffee lover me
An ‘amante del cafe’
Bring me the Java
Especially of a morning
for the day that is ahead



The coffee lover

I am a coffee lover
am quite partial to the bean
But have to say I’m spoilt
by that which comes from my machine
So absolutely gorgeous
is the flavour every day
that instant granules fade
To insignificance I’d say

And when I’m out in town
only specialists will do
For anything not up to scratch
I will these days eschew
But, they say that fortune
always smiles upon the brave
And close to where I live there
are some coffee shops to save

So, although avoiding second best
as inferior won’t do
I’ll always find a coffee
from a bean with the right hue
And when I’m home, no problem
as my tiny red machine
always gives a coffee
that’s best and from the bean


Photo – Nespresso/Magimix

New Day

In the sunshine
with coffee at the dawn of a day
One of the best ways
to start I would say


Photo – from #Jemverse on instagram, June 2018 – Jempics

Flat white to go

Flat white to go
by the Thames in the sun
best way by far
that a day is begun
Watching the river
flow silently by
beneath a pale blue
and promising sky

Waterloo bridge on the
left, and to right
St Paul’s Cathedral
familiar sight
Flat white to go
on London’s South Bank
A few moments respite
with coffee I drank


Photo – Waterloo Bridge, London’s South Bank – Jempics

Friday afternoon coffee

Sitting out in the sunshine in Shoreham
At Tom Foolery, mid of the day
with coffee that comes straight from heaven
watching people go on their way
This is the way to spend Friday
not really doing that much
Just sunning ourselves and passing the time
with idle chit-chat and such


Tom Foolery is a coffee shop on Shoreham High Street (West Sussex). It has an open front allowing al fresco seating in good weather – and coffee to die for!

A very English conversation

“It’s a cooler day, don’t you agree?”
“Yes, but yesterday
was great for me as I prefer
the heat, I have to say”
“You’re right of course, but then again
some rain would do us good”
“Depends upon your point of view”
I said, misunderstood.

“Don’t get me wrong, some rain is good
My garden certainly needs some
But the sunshine and the warmth of late
is overdue and welcome”
“Yes, I agree, it has been nice
but the heat here has me riled”
So I nodded understanding
took my coffee, left and smiled

A very English conversation
talking about the weather
passing time politely
as we spend time together


Fraser’s House

Morning coffee ‘neath Art Deco
the world goes by outside
and I wonder what the towering glass
in Deansgate has to hide

Built in stone in thirty-five
Its Manchurian portico
has seen so many ages pass
and people come and go

‘Tho its grand design’s now fading
it has grandeur still to see
and as I sit with cappuccino
that fact’s not lost on me



Apricot jam

Went to the barn on a nice sunny day
Had scones with apricot jam
Purchased a book I’d not read before
Took pictures of cows made of can

Enjoyed a cappuccino, the coffee was strong
Chatted a while in the sun
Took the scenic route home along country roads
Spent an afternoon having fun

Good to spend time doing not much at all
Food for the soul and the mind
Forgetting the rigour of work for a while
As we relax, chill out and unwind


The Old Barn Nursery is a garden centre at Dial Post, Sussex, UK. It’s 17th century barn is now a restaurant and, in addition to plants of all kinds, there are lots of artisan shops and plenty of places to sit in the sun and just chill.

Conversation – haiku

Conversing unheard
Yet the sound is a comfort
Warming like coffee


A Haiku is a short, three-line Japanese poem capturing a thought, usually at the beginning of the day. Typically it has a syllabic sequence of 5 – 7 – 5; 17 overall.

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