Magical III

It’s magical this snow-cast light
the icing sugar dust
as slowly things are covered
and capture it I must

Iron-chill the Northern blast
makes minus five feel raw
yet still the child within me yearns
for snow on snow and more

Househound here the nation wanes
to bleak midwinter flow
But doesn’t really mind because
there’s nowhere else to go

So gazing whimsically outside
as whiteness thickens there
we welcome inner child-like glee
and in this beauty share


Photo – Sally Croucher

For bliss

Ice cold here yet beautiful
Jack’s frosted strands they cling
with brittle fronds of loveliness
to cover everything
Too cold to stand here very long
yet there is time for this
rare spectacle of wonder
at this time of year for bliss


Photo – frosted spider’s web – Jempics

They said there’d be snow (again)

10 of 10 in ‘The winter series’ from Jemverse

They said there’d be snow
Well, its cold enough
and there’s frost over all every day
But the sea air down here
on these southern shores
always seems to get well in the way

Yes, there have been falls
which have settled for days
in the past I remember quite well
But it’s still quite rare
for us in these parts
when snow of the settling kind fell

Tonight we will know
for that’s when they said
that the white stuff will fall from the sky
So maybe tomorrow
a blanket we’ll find
over all that we see by and by

And some time after that
Winter’s beauty we’ll see
Over Sussex at least for a while
Its crystalline essence
providing the prompt
that will always result in a smile


Photo – Jempics

[I first published ‘They said there’d be snow‘ via Jemverse on 3 February 2019]

All is white again

9 of 10 in ‘The winter series’ from Jemverse

I wrap up warm against the cold
I feel it now I’m getting old
There’s white on everything around
The air is crystal n’er a sound.

Suppress a shiver to the chill
I take this in and have my fill
For only winter brings this sight
This wonderment when all is white


Photo – Jempics

[I first published ‘All is white‘ via Jemverse on 4 February 2019]

Tri-haiku XI (winter blue returns)

8 of 10 in ‘The winter series’ from Jemverse

I am winter blue
Born to December, I chill
to iron cold bone

I am winter blue
To brittle January
icy fingers spread

I am winter blue
But with yellow I will change
to the green of Spring


Photo – Jempics

[I first published ‘Tri-Haiku XI (Winter Blue)‘ via Jemverse on 10 December 2018]

The safe warmth of home again

7 of 10 in ‘The winter series’ from Jemverse

Steel grey seas with iron chill
it’s with whimsy that I peer
at the beach I know so well
in summer brings such cheer

Yet now the winter’s icy hand
has me firmly in its grip
As grey green waters frenzied churn
with northern winds are whipped

So I with best foot forward
march swiftly ‘cross these stones
No lingering in winter times
for the safe warmth of home


Photo – Jempics

[I first published ‘The safe warmth of home‘ via Jemverse on 2 December 2018]

Winter with me now (again)

6 of 10 in ‘The Winter series’ from Jemverse

Eight line stanza thinking of
the winter with me now
Brittle chill, not warming sun
cold upon my brow
But dressed up warm it’s good to brace
the iron winter chill
for as it passes Springtime looms
and ever closer still


Photo – Jempics

[I first published ‘Winter with me now‘ as part of a triplicate via Jemverse on 27 November 2018]

Winter days again

5 of 10 in “The Winter Series” from Jemverse

These cold weekends of winter
keep us warm indoors most days
For it is frigid out there
devoid of warming rays

So we’d rather stay here snug and warm
with music, books and cheer
in our jumpers and our slippers
our staple winter gear

And the daylight hours are shorter
which just weakens our resolve
with all of the shenanigans
going out will oft involve

So here’s to classic movies
hot tea and warming fires
Books, and music listened to
‘Til wintertime expires


Photo – Jempics

[I first published ‘Winter Days‘ via Jemverse on 19 December 2017]

The winter bully returns

4 of 10 in ‘The Winter series’ from Jemverse

Breath escapes in tiny clouds
a whisper to the chill
as icy iron fingers grab
and hassle me at will

I’m minding my own business
A summer’s child adrift
Lost in this cold wilderness
and feeling somewhat miffed

I’m not asking for a mountain
it’s really not that much
I just hanker after summer
‘Cos we’ve fallen out of touch

And I simply fail to understand
what this winter stuff is for
‘Cold’ just doesn’t hack it
I need warmer days once more

The winter bully bothers me
and I wish he’d go away
Just leave me with the summer
when it’s warm ‘most every day


Photo – Jempics

[I first published ‘The Winter Bully‘ via Jemverse on 8 December 2016]


Sunshine like water (again)

3 of 10 in ‘The Winter Series’ from Jemverse

Like water the sunshine, diluted and pale
greets this cold winter’s day
Its warmth has long gone and despite a brave face
Its exuberance has faded away
But its low zenith in the January sky
brings a glare from its fragility
Highlighting a beauty in all it shines on
which is very pleasing to me


Photo – Jempics

[I first published ‘Sunshine like water‘ via Jemverse on 8 January 2016]

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