Ballistic Nasturtiums

The nasturtiums’ gone ballistic
even though the summer’s gone
as it’s reaching now to skyward
and its stems are very long
It’s spreading ‘cross the garden
showing no sign of demise
which with its splash of colour
at this time of year is wise

The nasturtiums’ gone ballistic
but I fear come the first frost
it might then come a cropper
and begin to count the cost
But until then we are happy
with its vibrancy right here
as every day it brings us joy
rekindling summers’ cheer


Photo – Jempics

Autumn’s glory II

There’s a golden yellow blanket
covering the grass
as leaves fall from forsythia
now autumn comes to pass

November sees a bluster
and they fall down to the ground
the foliage from the summer
now for a winter found

And though I’m seldom out there
an exception I will make
to capture Autumn’s glory
in the photos that I take


Photo – Jempics

In a painting

This evening we were in a painting
with colours and contrast and hue
beneath a cloudscape of wonder
providing a wonderful view
It was just like a Constable landscape
above and around us out here
exquisite the joy that it brought us
for a message abundantly clear

This evening we were in a painting
with yellows and pinks and the grey
variegated into the darker
at the end of this autumn day
It was just like Turner had paused there
with his brushstroke over the sky
to leave us this snapshot of wonder
before it all passed us by


Photo – Jempics

Bliss IV

It was really quite hot
but the colour right there
showed me one thing
that the sun had a care
For it with the rain
when that comes gives us this
a garden that’s lovely
for joy and for bliss


Photo – Jempics

Lovely IV

The variegated colour of
our Nasturtiums in full bloom
return year after year
when they first appear in June
They really are quite lovely
and I’m glad they reappear
as their colour in the garden
brings us pleasure, yes and cheer


Photo – Jempics

Tri-Haiku IV (Change)

And as winter comes
I am yellow with summer
Sunshine in my mind

But as summer fades
Yellow changes into blue
Winter takes a hold

And as my palette
paints here a changing picture
the canvas moves on


Photo – Jempics 

Originally published under #Jemverse on Instagram, October 2018


I’ve been partial to ‘Chuck Connors’
since I was a lad
And mostly you will find me
with my feet in Converse clad

I have many different colours
Yellow, blue and pink
The oldest ones I had for years
Forty plus I think

I have ones I got on eBay
which I know are very rare
And some which are so vibrant
that folk will stop and stare

I have ones which are so full of holes
I scarce can wear them now
But I’m not about to throw them out
as they’re part of me somehow

I wear Converse in the summer
and in the winter too
And to be honest I prefer them
to a sandle or a shoe

And yes, I have my favourites
Several pairs I’d say
which you will find me wearing
almost every single day



Stars III

Yellow, I see them
and myriad colours more
Jewels in the night sky


Photo – from #Jemverse on Instagram (August 2018) – Jempics

The colour of rain

I saw splashes of colour
like rain falling down
A rainstorm of rainbows
to dispel any frown
So I danced as the colour
fell all around me
soaking and soothing
and setting me free


Photo – from #Jemverse on Instagram, July 2018 – Jempics

Life is colour

In summer life is colour
yellows, blues and greens
Reflecting all around me
and the palettes I have seen

In summer life is canvas
to paint with words to fit
Reflecting all the colour
as life is full of it


Photo – from Jemverse on Instagram, May 2018 – Jempics

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