Redolent of the sun

Colours I remember
from when I was very young
Stayed with me into later years
with so many seasons come
But one has been a steadfast
for me a lucky fellow
The vibrancy of summer
captured in the colour yellow

It’s been with me through all the years
Born to the summer I
above all others constant
as many have gone by
So of all that I remember
Colours, lovely every one
Yellow is the best for me
Redolent of the sun


Photo composite – Jempics

Violet Seven

Seven colours, seven days
Violet’s turn at last
The seventh in the rainbow
and the star of this fine cast

Epitomising royalty
Nomenclature this noun
Nothing more I need to say
Save Violet wears the crown



Part 7 of 7 – ‘The rainbow series’

Indigo Six

Seven colours, seven days
and indigo’s in sight
The sixth one in the rainbow
reminiscent of the night

Deepest blue as evening fades
and quieter hours reign
Holding banquet to the hours
‘Til morning comes again



Part 6 of 7 – ‘The rainbow series’

Blue Five

Seven colours, seven days
It’s blue today for me
The fifth one in the rainbow
and the colour of the sea

A place as much a part of me
as I am part of it
which by its calming waters
I will often simply sit

A place which always brings a peace
at any time of year
and somewhere I go often
as I live so very near



Part 5 of 7 – ‘The rainbow series’

Handful of yellow

I had a handful of yellow
but I let it all go
and now I’ll not find it
’til Springtime I know
It was careless of me
for I had it right there
like a smile on the breeze
just ready to share
But now I must wait
for the winter is here
and the palette has changed
to something more clear
In my hand now is blue
the colour of ice
A far cry from the warmth
but still rather nice


Portrait of Autumn

With magenta and pink
and purple and red
and yellow and orange
and vermillion instead
of olive and emerald
viridian and teal
basil and mantis
and green to reveal
a changing of palette
right there on the hill
for a portrait of Autumn
on fresh canvas to fill


I am a spectrum

I have colours
more than most
Converse yellow
Blue of coats
Rainbow there
With bag of red
I am a spectrum
Where e’er I tread



Flowers here, pinks and reds
Yellows, blues and greens
Along with trees all turning now
Autumn’s here it seems
It rains a little more these days
The grass is greener now
Recovering from the days of heat
And the sun that burned our brow
Shorter now and cooler
The days are drawing in
A time for quiet reflection
Before the winter can begin


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