Heaven, waiting, sings

It’s peaceful here, these darkened rooms
this ward, this evening hour
A deepened sleep. Breath in, breath out
from this still fading flower

Autumn’s come to this long life
as here we sit and wait
knowing that the time is close
The hour now is late

Breath in, breath out. A comfort here
We listen and we hear
Feeling peaceful, resolute
there falls a passing tear

Earlier we shared a prayer
the five of us as one
on this an evening of a day
to one of us now come

Breath in, breath out. The comfort stays
yet, waiting in the wings
the loved ones who have passed before
as heaven, waiting, sings


Photo – Jempics


At one with the sea

Came to the sea
at its beckon and call
Embraced by its welcoming arms
Knew solace and comfort
The promise it gave
that here I would come to no harm

Stood on the shingle
there with a smile
Looked to horizon out there
Where the sea met the sky
with a tear in my eye
at the beauty that it had to share

Knew peace in a moment
A palpable thing
Like the comforting warmth of the sun
The embrace of a friend
with never an end
And me and the sea here as one


Photo – Jempics


Music as comforter
enters my soul
Enlightens my mind
keeping me whole


Photo and design #Jemverse on Instagram

Familiarity (haiku)

Familiar this
my solace and my comfort
Warming like sunshine


Photo & ‘Procreate’ artwork from #Jemverse on Instagram – Jempics

Home (haiku)

Home, where my heart is
Comfort at the end of day
in my safe haven


Photo & ‘Procreate’ artwork from #Jemverse on Instagram – Jempics

Music III

Music as comforter
enters my soul
Enlightens my mind
making me whole

© Jemverse & CraigBurt (Milwaukee, Wisconsin), 2015

Photo – from #Jemverse on instagram, July 2018 – Jempics

There for me

Down on the beach
with lapping waves
the sea is always
there to save
It is my solace
yes, my gain
Graceful comfort
free from shame
A comfort blanket
wide and free
and ever always
there for me


Photo – from #Jemverse on instagram, June 2018 – Jempics

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