London Tales #1

I'd forgotten the five o'clock darkness
on these cool autumn days
comfortable in ignorance
I've become set in my ways

Thankfully though this daily trudge
this commute in darkened time
is something I can live without
as it is no longer mine

Save this week to London
once more to the 'Big Smoke'
before the dawn has made it
and I have yet awoke


Photo – early morning London – Jempics


Commuting again

Tomorrow I'm back in London again
commuting up there on the train
leaving at dawn when no-one's about
travelling daily again
There's a bit of excitement but also a doubt
as Covid has not left us yet
but I'm boostered and jabbed and protecting myself
so I've really no reason to fret

It's back to Westminster so a walk through the park
daily is what I will do
for unless it is raining and blowing a gale
I'm avoiding the risk of the tube
I've a good book and music and a game on my Switch
so I will make the most of this time
and I'm sure the long hours will pass in a flash
and the journey and days will be fine


Photo – Jempics

Secret grin

Golden rays from the sun on a towerblock landscape
The city rests from the day
And suit-clad workers on the train rattle by
The twenty-past eight on its way

The tannoys are quiet now, the sirens at rest
A brittle peace settles in
But there, in the silence of commuter unrest
A man sits alone with his grin

He’s known all the pressures, known all the gripes
He’s seen them all come and all go
But he’s outlived them all and now he is he here
The only one in the know

For the grin hides a secret that’s hidden quite well
Yet it’s there for any who dare
Spare a moment from their time-driven closeted worlds
To see what’s really out there

For now though the man with the grin settles down
And for the moment I fear he’s alone
Except maybe for the lady several carriages down
Who’s captured the sunset by phone.


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