If I could follow summer

If I could follow summer
when it leaves around this time
I’d have my bags all packed and ready
and would be the first in line
For the chance to feel the warming sun
on my face throughout the year
Would be simply marvellous
and would sure to bring me cheer

But then I know I’d miss fair Sussex
and the changes that it sees
with all the autumn colours
in its many woodland trees
And though I’d sooner do without the cold
it looks so magical in snow
And if I followed summer
I’d miss out on that, I know

So I’ll dig out my woolly jumpers
and bid farewell to summer now
Applauding from the audience
As she takes her final bow
For there’s so much to look forward to
in the colder months ahead
Before the springtime comes back round again
when winter days have fled

Yes, I could follow summer
and feel warm sunshine every day
With no need for jumpers, hats and scarves
to keep the cold away
But really, if the truth be told
I quite like the weather here
As there’s so much variation
at the different times of year


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