Beneath the vivid leafy green
this time of year at Kew
Beside the Thames just sitting
early morning with a view

I have a little time to spare
so I’ll sit for here for a while
and write about this lovely place
Sufficient to beguile

For here there is contentment
A little solace from the fray
before I need to leave for work
upon this fine Spring day


Photo – The river Thames at Kew, South West London – Jempics

The echo of life III

If a moment pauses
and time stands still
If an eye sees
and memories are captured
Then I am the echo of life
Reflecting beauty
I bring contentment


Photo Jempics

The echo of life II

If a story speaks
and brings a tear
spilled out without reserve
from an eye that knows pleasure
If a landscape catches
and a breath is held long
whilst a moment is safisfied
Then I am the echo of life
Relecting beauty
I bring contentment


Photo – Jempics

The echo of life I

If a brook gurgles
and a low tide laps
If a breeze whispers
and a sunset smiles
Then I am the echo of life
Reflecting beauty
I bring contentment


Photo – Jempics

The Long House

5 of 8 in the Jemverse series ‘Circular Sussex’

In the garden out back of the Long House
sitting out here in the sun
The fragrance of jasmine strong in the air
now the early evening has come

It’s peaceful here and idyllic
and I’m so pleased we could return
Here in the East Meon valley
contentment swift to discern


Photo – The ‘Long House’, East Meon, Hampshire, UK – Jempics.

[Every year in May, my brother Dave and I go out for a week’s walking. This year we took in a series of circular walks based around our favourite long-distance trail – the South Downs Way through Hampshire and Sussex]

Keeping me whole

Listening to sounds
when it’s raining outside
I can often get carried away
Spine tingles freely
My element comes
and contentment comes for the day

Music works wonders
delivers each time
It serves to keep me quite whole
Preference neutral
whether resting inside
or out in the rain for a stroll


Photo – Jempics


The solitude of morning
as another week awaits
Contentment in this quiet time
completely satiates
And with poetry completed
I am ready for the day
My soul shine out there to the fore
to greet what comes my way


Photo – Jempics

With words

At the bottom of the garden
in the sunshine with a beer
I have my little poems book
So why not? Whilst I’m here

I have tidied up the shed
Pumped the tyres up on my bike
Cut the grass, swept up the leaves
and other some suchlike

So now I thinks I’ve earned a rest
And the sunshine has a smile
So I’m in my yellow chair
where I will sit for quite a while

I’ll grab a pen, soak up the sun
Have a listen to the birds
And capture these fine moments
in a verse or two with words


Photo – Jempics

My Favourite Place

Silver on a glistening sea
Sings its sweet refrain to me
as I relax here blissfully
in my favourite place

Seagulls flitting on the shore
as silent waves come back for more
Applauding for a long encore
in my favourite place

Sun shines warmly in the sky
as summer passes slowly by
and tears of happiness I cry
in my favourite place


Photo – The sun on the sea – South Lancing Beach, West Sussex, UK – Jempics


Around the fireside, family
A summer evening spent
sharing food and drinking beer
and general merriment

The embers glow with flicker bright
A focal point to share
This was contentment, rarified
for everybody there


Photo – Jempics

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