This week you’ll find me writing
about an animal each day
And though the choice is massive
Alpacas do deserve a say
And there are three here in particular
that I wanted to include
For as they made a special effort
not to do so would be rude

With early Beatles haircuts
these three called by to say hello
So we had a conversation
about this and that, you know
They stayed a while and ate some grass
whilst we had cups of tea
Just us and three alpacas
as one does nonchalantly




Sitting in Hobgoblin
with an IPA
Watching raindrops falling down
here I think I’ll stay
It’s warm and it is cosy
conversation in full stride
So staying here for a few beers
Beats getting wet outside


‘Hobgoblin’ is a pub in Brighton, East Sussex, UK

Passing pleasantries

I overheard a conversation
above me in the sky
as two seagulls passed up in the blue
casually flying by
But as I am not fluent
in ‘Gull’ I’m sad to say
that I have no idea
of what was said there yesterday

But judging by their faces
I am pretty certain that
a pleasantry was there exchanged
during their short chat
“Hello Steve, a lovely day”
“Yes John, I quite agree”
“Are you going fishing later?”
“Great, I’ll see you out at sea”

I’d like to think that’s what was said
above as down below
Exchanging words of greeting
with others that we know
A passing word, a little smile
goes a long, long way
and can make quite the difference
to the pleasure of a day



Encouraging the sun

Fragile and fleeting
a delicate sun
Kissed a few flowers
and then it was done

Hiding behind
a dark wall of grey
It bid me farewell
and was gone for the day

But I wasn’t having
any of that
So I frantically waved
and bid it come back

It took a few moments
being fickle of mind
But then the sun smiled
with a change of its mind

Fragility stayed
as the day was still new
But with strengthening there
as through grey I saw blue

I pointed this out
with a well chosen word
And the rays they grew stronger
as though it had heard

Blue sky returned
the grey went away
And the sunshine came back
and decided to stay



A very English conversation

“It’s a cooler day, don’t you agree?”
“Yes, but yesterday
was great for me as I prefer
the heat, I have to say”
“You’re right of course, but then again
some rain would do us good”
“Depends upon your point of view”
I said, misunderstood.

“Don’t get me wrong, some rain is good
My garden certainly needs some
But the sunshine and the warmth of late
is overdue and welcome”
“Yes, I agree, it has been nice
but the heat here has me riled”
So I nodded understanding
took my coffee, left and smiled

A very English conversation
talking about the weather
passing time politely
as we spend time together


York II

Ye Olde Starre Inne in York
For three hundred seventy years
has been licensed as a posting house
and the serving up of beers

In the yard of Starre Inne passage
Beware of whispers stirred
As from the Minster’s tower
Conversations can be heard

But this afternoon was quiet
No secrets divulged there
As alone I sampled Yorkshire brew
And wrote more verse to share


The courtyard of York’s Starre Inne, established in 1644, has a peculiar acoustic feature. One of the towers of the Minster can be seen from one corner of the yard and it’s said that on a favourable day, conversations from the courtyard can be overheard from the top of the Minster tower



Conversation – haiku

Conversing unheard
Yet the sound is a comfort
Warming like coffee


A Haiku is a short, three-line Japanese poem capturing a thought, usually at the beginning of the day. Typically it has a syllabic sequence of 5 – 7 – 5; 17 overall.

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