I’ve been partial to ‘Chuck Connors’
since I was a lad
And mostly you will find me
with my feet in Converse clad

I have many different colours
Yellow, blue and pink
The oldest ones I had for years
Forty plus I think

I have ones I got on eBay
which I know are very rare
And some which are so vibrant
that folk will stop and stare

I have ones which are so full of holes
I scarce can wear them now
But I’m not about to throw them out
as they’re part of me somehow

I wear Converse in the summer
and in the winter too
And to be honest I prefer them
to a sandle or a shoe

And yes, I have my favourites
Several pairs I’d say
which you will find me wearing
almost every single day





I have a pair of checkered Converse
They are quite mad (I know)
But they bring a smile to faces
Wherever I may go

I have a pair of yellow Converse
They are my favourite shoes
Reminding me of summer
Something I can never lose

I have a pair of silver Converse
I used to wear when in the band
Part and parcel of my costume
They made me look quite grand

I have a pair of gingham Converse
They are my scruffiest pair
But I will wear them ’til they fall apart
‘Cos that’s their purpose there

I have six more pairs of Converse
‘That’s a lot” I hear you say
Well yes I know, I guess it is
But that is me and hey…

…I am known for wearing Converse
They are a part of who I am
So I’ll always keep on buying
‘Cos they’re there and I just can


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