Obi’s safe place

The sun outside the window
in these autumn days I’ll keep
as the warmth is nice to feel
in this chair where oft I sleep

I like it here, it is a place
where I feel safe, secure
and when the sunshine streams right in
it has for me allure

For I will find a certain spot
where I can rest my nose
and feel that warming sunshine
whilst I have a little dose


Photo – Jempics

[Obi is a 5-year old Jack Russell/Dachshund cross]

Home in the warm

The air was so brittle
it brought a chill to the bone
So I wasn’t out long
before heading for home
Much better instead to
curl up with a book
with just the occasional
glance up for a look
For sometimes the choice
by the weather is made
So be not disheartened
if at home you have stayed


Jim-jams day

Jim-jams day
Warm inside
Out there people
Slip and slide

Ice on windows
Ice on grass
All are wearing
Hats and scarves

Inside we though
Warm as toast
Sloth-like smile
And make the most

Jim-jams days
They are the best
Perfect when
You need a rest



Comfort in Converse
Slippers on feet
I am comfortably warm
In my comfortable seat


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