3 of 5 in the Jemverse ‘Poets’ series

Persuasive and fluid
expression related
the words of the poet
orally sated

Spoken with pride
besotted and smitten
the words which by craft
and by hand have been written


3 in a series of 5 poems written about poetry for poets.


Writing at night

In the small hours when
silence is my company
And my pen scribbles words
as they flow fancy free
The verse and the rhyme
to the page come with ease
So this is the time that
the poet will seize

My craft in the making
no distraction to cast
The silence consuming
the prose firm and fast
These are moments to cherish
to have and to hold
The words captured here
more precious than gold




Several thousand poems
yet I still await the one
Illusive, it’s beyond my reach
although the words still come

The lines still form, the craft remains
the pen is never still
I capture life, I write it down
and never have my fill

Somewhere out there are the lines
that every poet seeks
A perfect recreation of
a mind that never sleeps

So I’ll always write , it’s all of me
and part of who I am
Crafting words to poetry
for life because I can

And those unreachable illusive words
the ones I seek to find
are my spur for ever onwards
as I write what’s on my mind


The Baker

I bake bread
and bake it well
I knead the dough
and watch it swell

It all takes time
but that’s well spent
as Baker’s craft
has good intent

The yeast reacts
with olive oil
and the end result
is worth the toil

The proving time
with less haste
only seems to
improve taste

It takes four hours
a loaf to make
but far less time
to eat than bake




My favourite rhyming word is smile
One that I use ‘once in a while’
Though I’ve oft been told by craft or guile
That consistent use errs on puerile!

Far be it though for me to rile
As I want my words to cheer so I’ll
use ‘that word’ for form and style
with clever use of prose and wile


What’s your favourite rhyming word? Let me know by adding a comment below.

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