In the past (aka ‘wherewithal)

If you're reading this now
on the day it appears
on line on the web
you will be in arrears
For most of the work
that I publish each day
comes from the past
in a meaningful way

For there's rarely a time
when I don't write a thing
so those that I do
await publishing
at a time that will suit
some days or weeks hence
quite often it seems
at times' recompense

Today's for example
which I've called 'In the past'
is now two weeks old
so the die is long cast
Twenty-third of last month
these words went to paper
so it's been a fortnight
'til I published this caper

So when in these words
you see something I've done
or something I've seen
which has brought me some fun
It probably won't have
been recent at all
but some time in the past
for that wherewithal



Fifteen Minutes

Fifteen minutes to write a few words
what will they feature today?
Will they be about sun 'cos it's raining outside
to encourage it swiftly away?
Will they capture a smile instead of a frown
which autumn and winter I'd say
don't do a lot to dissuade a long face
from becoming the norm by the day
For words, they have magical charm by the spade
with the power to do what they like
so when weather is fickle and continues with rain
in a poem it can just take a hike
Fifteen minutes to write a few words
almost done now but with good resolve
as they've brought to the fore a voice there that speaks
to encourage joie de vivre to evolve


Photo – Jempics

Like a friend II

Many times in these hours
I have fine honed my craft
some say I am mad
and others I'm daft
but this edge before morning
this whispering time
is perfect for me
for writing a line
when the words like a river
flow from my pen
and the poet embraces
them each like a friend


Photo – Jempics

Jemverse II

So I’ve been writing for a while
a poem every day
Been doing this for fifty years
so I’ve along the way
picked up (I’d say) a trick or two
over all that time
of how to craft words into verse
which flow and nicely rhyme

I’ve had a lot of practice
and that makes perfect as you know
But there again my writing
still has a ways to go
‘Cos I’m always getting better
as there’s a lot to learn
of how to craft life into words
for others to discern

So I’ll just keep on writing
as life has lots to say
with Jemverse as my outlet
for new poems by the day


Ringing Sussex (revisited)

5 of 10 in the Jemverse ‘Sussex’ series

Today we walked from Ring to Ring
beneath a winter sky
The sun shone bright despite the threat
of rainfall by and by

Plans long laid, fruition saw
a walk unlike no other
With smile and gusto two men went
friends yes, but also brothers

Cissbury came and Cissbury went
rain followed sun with thunder
But in between the blue skies came
and Chanctonbury wonder

Thirteen miles of Sussex hill
more on the morrow too
The weather promising much less rain
and maybe sunshine too.


Jemverse originally posted ‘Ringing Sussex‘ on 17 November 2014

Fair Sussex (revisited)

Green corridors down quite lanes
in Sussex countryside
There’s such a richness to explore
in this place where we reside

We count our blessings every day
No matter where we are
Be it close to home and underfoot
or further out by car


Photo – Jempics

Jemverse first posted ‘Fair Sussex‘ on 11 August 2015

Into Sussex (revisited)

3 of 10 in the Jemverse ‘Sussex’ series

Crossed the border into Sussex
Chalk paths underfoot
Thirty miles behind us
Twenty more to go to boot
Harting Down to Cocking
along the South Downs Way
with the sunshine our companion
on a beautiful Spring day
The hills got ever higher
but the views from every crest
made the challenge so rewarding
When we stopped to have a rest


Jemverse first posted ‘Into Sussex‘ on 20 May 2016

Walking Sussex 5 (revisited)

2 of 10 in the Jemverse ‘Sussex’ series

Familiarity breeds content,
of that I am quite sure
As for our final walk in Sussex
we’re back at the start for more
Two rings with woodland in between,
cows in the field and sheep
Undulating downland and hills
that aren’t that very steep.
Chanctonbury wealdland view
takes the breath away
And is particularly stunning
on a clear, bright Springtime day
And after five days walking Sussex
hills with Wainwrights at the bar
The rest respite with sunshine
was perfect at the Star.


Jemverse first posted ‘Walking Sussex 5‘ on 16 May 2014

Found myself in Sussex (revisited)

1 of 10 in the Jemverse ‘Sussex’ series

Found myself in Sussex
in fields of verdant green
Early Spring or Summer
the best that I had seen

Seemed time for adventure
in hills I hold so dear
The ones right on my doorstep
so close and yes, so near

So much for me to see and do
just wander for a while
Take in the sights around me
and always with a smile

These hills and fields of Sussex
my element is here
As all of this is part of me
and always brings me cheer


Photo Jempics

Jemverse originally posted ‘Found myself in Sussex’ on 12 March 2015


Forty years ago today
I put my white suit on
The one I bought for twenty quid
in Jayson’s Menswear from
And the only tie I think I had
was a black one from my Dad
and a pair of his old shoes
I’d kept since I was just a lad

My best man Josse was with me
and he did his best I think
to help me look presentable
albeit with a wink
And then when we were ready
we walked down Ashby Road
to meet up with the others
from our single room abode

I was just over twenty
but in my heart I really knew
that love had spoken loud
and clear – this was the thing to do
So Sal and I were married
on the seventh of July
And today we celebrate the fact
of forty years gone by

A ruby anniversary
but far more precious is than that
the love that both of us still share
undeniably a fact
So these words are for my soulmate
repeated here anew
Three words I said both then and now
the adage “I love you”


Photo – Jem & Sal on their wedding day; Saturday 7 July 1979, Loughborough

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