Ocean of Me

1 of 3 in the Jemverse ‘Ocean’ trilogy

A whisper carried on the breeze
heard across the air
Like an echo over many years
of me still walking there

The ocean still a part of me
as it has since just a boy
Six decades past it stays the same
a stalwart to enjoy


The Jemverse ‘Ocean’ trilogy: ‘Ocean of Me’ (22/10/17), ‘Ocean of Senses’ (23/10/17), ‘Ocean of Everything’ (24/10/17)


55 Summers

I’ve seen the sun in seven decades
Though I don’t remember all
The first one from my year of birth
When I was really rather small

But in those ’60s halcyon days
The summers never seemed to end
And the sun was always present
As a dear and special friend

Then the ’70s teenage years
Long summers on the beach
Fading out to meet my twenties
Back then just out of reach

The ’80s saw a marriage
Two lives becoming one
A wedding in the summer
‘Neath the ever-present sun

Into the ’90s and the children
Four joining two made us complete
In sunshine-captured memories
Long days of summer heat

Two thousands and the twenty-tens
The children are now all grown
Yet constant are the summers
That as a family we have known

Mid-fifties now, the sun’s still here
I’m sitting in it now
Relaxing in my garden
With its heat upon my brow

I might have been in seven decades
But there are many more to come
And I’ll look forward to those future years
With my friend, the summer sun


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