Storm and shout

The excitement of a thunderstorm
always brings a thrill
A flash of light and then the count
the waiting then until
A roll or clap of thunder
like a party in the sky
The same for when it’s miles away
or really close nearby

Mostly followed by a deluge
as raindrops kiss the ground
Accompanied by an echo
of the fading thunder sound
And then the flash of light again
as the stormfront closes in
Then I just have to shout out loud
with excitement in the din



No trains again this morning

And in the pouring rain

Not a good thing to find out first thing

When there’s no-one there to blame

Lightning strike along in Hove

Is the culprit as it seems

No travel up to Worthing

Get to work by other means

So a wet walk down to bus stop

Slow ride through gathering storm

Thunder and lightning overhead

On this ‘delightful’ summer morn



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