Favourite things

The beach at any time of year
The sea, my friend, to bring me cheer

Lavender in purple fields
Walking in the Sussex Weald

Music as my food for life
My lovely children and my wife

My dogs, the young one and the old
who understand me, so I’m told

Treasures all with songs to sing
These are all my favourite thing


Photo – Gracey Croucher – the author at one of his favourite places, watching a sunset

A weekend away

We’re travelling down to Hampshire
for a mini-holiday
We don’t do this very often
so it’s nice to get away

Staying close to Lyndhurst
the New Forest all around
Taking wellington boots in case
it’s soggy on the ground

Found some dog-friendly watering holes
and a hotel for a nap
Plotted out some walking routes
and marked them on the map

We’re only going for a night
but that will be just fine
For there’s lots for us to see and do
and have a lovely time


A little walk

Just a little walk
although quite brief
is just enough
to bring relief
Breathe in deep
fresh winter air
and feel the wind
blow through my hair

Watch the dogs
run round and bark
wagging tails
up in the park
Just a little walk
is all I need
to keep me fresh
and up to speed


A walk in the woods

Dappled sunlight filtered through
the green tunnel up ahead
as carefree there we wandered
uncertain where it led

Not that we were bothered
for we cared not for the time
on such an afternoon as this
with autumn weather fine

The crunch of fallen leaves beneath
our feet as there we trod
with the perfume of October
from the chalky Sussex sod

The dogs frolicked in the undergrowth
and barked at passers by
as we walked on through the sunshine
underneath a cloudless sky

The forest beckoned deeper
but alas we couldn’t stay
though it will always be there
when we return another day



Our garden

Our garden at this time of year
is a lovely sight to see
Most things here are in full bloom
and it’s a peaceful place to be

And I have dogs that like to wander
and dogs that like to roam
and just like me they love it here
for this is their garden home.


A dog’s life

It’s quiet at home with just us four
And the background radio station
The dogs they listen when we chat
But it’s a one-sided conversation

They don’t say much but when they do
It’s really loud and barky
And we don’t get a word in edgeways
With all of that malarky

Most of the time though they just sleep
And live the life of Riley
‘A dog’s life’ as the saying goes
We could accept entirely



We’re not too bad at greetings
But it depends much on our mood
Sometimes when this is suffering
We can be rather rude

Not so with canine companions
They always have a smile
Whether you’ve been gone for just a mo
Or away for quite a while



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