Thinking that I really ought
to get myself together
The High Trees circle beckoned
with a turning of the weather
Sun was shining bright and warm
and with Obi on the lead
We set off along the riverbank
at a reasonable speed

It’s good to get the practice in
for the South Downs walk this May
When, with my brother David we’ll
be walking every day
The High Trees circle, seven miles
so a good rehearsal for
The Eastward South Downs Way we’ve planned
and all that has in store



Mile Oak

Nestled underneath the downs
Mile Oak paves the way
So many opportunities
to choose from every day
We could take the path to Truleigh
climbing steep beside the field
Before things level out at Fulking
with fine views across the Weald

Or we could choose the little roundabout
The short circle to the farm
A little amble, short and sweet
with no hills to bring alarm
We could head up to the South Downs Way
and join it for a while
Head west towards the famous Ring
or west o’er fence and stile

Or we could simply sit and chat
Make friends with the donkey
Watch the ducks and chickens
with nice cake and cups of tea
Mile Oak has all this and more
It’s a very special place
One we’ll return to often
and our footsteps there retrace


Wonderful view

Vibrancy of morning
attracts me again
as westwards I travel
on another train
Over the river
reflecting the blue
a fleeting glimpse
of the Shoreham sea view
Then through the green
of the open flood field
at the southernmost point
of the fine Sussex Weald
Victorian houses
of the coastal towns
beside the sea under
the rising South Downs
I’ve said it before
but these words remain true
as I’ll never get tired
of this wonderful view.



Coming home to Shoreham

Still does its thing for me

Nestled underneath the Downs

A portal to the sea

Charming in the sunshine

Special in the rain

Changing with the seasons

But somehow staying just the same

Squirrels in the churchyard

St Mary’s in the sun

The sound of bells at every hour

Til the day is done

Marlipins Museum

Coronation Green

Mudflats on the river

The sea, a shimmering sheen

Walking round about this town

Does it every time

Fills my heart with cheer

And makes me feel just fine


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