What a laugh

Seasons blending into one it seems
Winter now yet still sunbeams
Unreal, just like dreams
What’s it mean?

Should be out of shorts and into jeans
In November’s cold extremes
Unreal, just like dreams
What’s it mean?

Maybe Christmas on the beach is deemed
Swimming in the sea like teens
Unreal, just like dreams
What’s it mean?


This is a ‘Triquint’ poem inspired from a poetry challenge posted on the Poets Corner WordPress site. The poem comprises three verses of five lines with a repeated syllabic sequencing of 9, 7, 5, 3, 1. The rhyming scheme in each stanza is aaAAb with the line 3/4 refrain from the first repeated in the second and third.


Writing 101: Day 13 – “Flower”

Found a freedom in the day that the flower opened its fragrance to me

Saw at once the depths of its pleasure confirmed unequivocally

Spent a while with the breezes of seldom, paused at the bridge of relief

Smiled as the waters released their freedom absolutely to me

Wondered at the dream that had led me to them, refused to submit to the day

But knew for certain the moment was ending as movement began where I lay

Sleep, its dove-cote doors of slumber relinquished its hold once again

And I found myself back in the land of the living as the sun hastened in a new day.

… … …







Sunrise over a sea-mist evening
Summer’s soft call now
The heat of day slip-slides away
Cool now upon my brow
Golden painted water glistens
And seagulls on the wing
Hover lazy, almost sleeping
As evening songbirds sing
This is a picture dreams are made of
Contented smiles attest
All one could hope for and as I am here
I am a man who’s blessed.


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