Big II

The driftwood on the beach tonight
was big and long and tall
and though I would’ve if I could’ve
I can only take stuff small
But I still took several pictures
at marvelled at the fact
that it was wedged there in the rocks
placed by the sea intact

It must have been quite something
the force that placed it there
wedged, unmoving there for us
to stop, admire and stare
For now it is a landmark
(or a ‘seamark’ actually)
standing proud and staying
where it is beside the sea

It’s not going anywhere too soon
although the sea might disagree
as another storm with mighty waves
might move it actually
Til then when I pass by this way
(most days as is my gift)
I’ll pause and pay it homage
as it’s way too big to lift


Photo – Jempics

The sea and me

I am driftwood on a turning tide
caressed by the hand of the sea
As lovingly it shapes and moulds
and brings the ocean’s heart to me

We are captured in this moment
and as driftwood on the shore
we are kindred spirits, joined as one
How could I ask for more?


Driftwood Treasures

With a band of rain drifting
from out over the sea
The beach is quite empty
just the ocean and me
It’s an autumnal rain
quite refreshing and warm
So I’m back at the beach
which for me is the norm

I’m here for a purpose
new driftwood to find
Searching the tideline
with sculpture in mind
For at home on the mantle
there’s a place where I thought
That something I’d made
would better one bought

So I’ll find a few pieces
washed clean by the sea
Dry them out and then craft them
into something lovely
And when done it’ll fill
the space and remind
us all of the treasures
on the beach that we find




I wasn’t allowed to take it home
but the driftwood on the beach
made for an interesting photograph
with my camera within easy reach

I pleaded a while but it was a lost cause
for we just wouldn’t have the space
Besides, the garden’s already cluttered
with more driftwood all over the place


Interesting things II

I often search along the shoreline
where the tidemark’s clear and good
for interesting shells and stones
or bits of sea-washed wood

Sometimes there are stones with holes
or lengths of knotted rope
The choice is ever-changing
and there’s never lack of scope

Then later when these things are dry
I will use then every one
Shaped to form as testament to
the sea from whence they’ve come

Driftwood sculptures on the wall
or free-standing on their own
The treasures from the shoreline saved
and each one given home


Sea as Sculptor

The hand of sea has sculpted
Man-made objects in its wake
And a long held fascination
Has inspired me oft to make
an image replicated of this
ever changing hand
Crafted by the movement of
the friction with the sand

In situ there, the beauty
Softened sculpted shape and form
Crafted by the movement
only nature’s hand has borne
I’ll take fragments as I find them
And give each one a home
The simple pleasure of retention
the greatest I have known



Interesting things

I search along the shoreline

Where the tide has left its mark

For interesting bits of wood

Or shells or sea-washed bark

Sometimes there are stones with holes

Or lengths of knotted rope

The choice is ever changing

And I never want for scope


And later when all these things are dry

I will use them every one

Stone chains in the garden

Bleached by the summer sun

Driftwood sculptures on the wall

Or free-standing on their own

The treasures from the shoreline saved

And each one given home.




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