Easter’s Grace III

This year, last day of Easter - the crown up on the wall
paints a vivid picture which with whimsy I recall
That special time on bended knee humbled and contrite
a simple faith steadfast and true to which I still hold tight
Comfort and a solace true abiding in my heart
held firmly in a life-long hold from which I'll never part


Photo – Jempics

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Easter’s Grace II

Once some several years ago
In hallowed ground near here
I bowed and offered humber prayer
the beach and sea quite near
A little chapel on the shore
at Easter time at home
with crown of thorns up on the wall
for people to atone
And now as then on Saturday
the sun becomes the son
as at Easter his forgiveness
is complete for everyone


Photo – Jempics

Easter’s grace

Shadow of your crown of thorns

up there on the wall

contrasted in the sunshine

and captivating all

Easter in reflection

the people bowed and prayed

silence as the Spirit moved

and precious vows were made

And kneeling in the quiet

the sun became the Son

as at Easter his forgiveness

fell there on everyone

As a solitary tear fell

with joy and perfect grace

filling every essence of

my being in that place


Photo – Jempics


Easter Egg Hunt

I’m devising an Easter egg hunt

it’s a giggle

as I had to squeeze into some spots

with a wiggle

too cunningly hide the eggs

with some guile

as my children have been at this

for quite a while

so they all know the places that

I pick for hiding

which means that deception

is now residing

to find nooks and crannies and

difficult places

to keep them all busy with

smiles on their faces

as all of my children are

grown adults now

the clues have got harder

and harder somehow

But they’ll use their wisdom and

collective endeavour

to solve all the problems I’ve set

‘cos they’re clever

And when they are done and all

eggs have been found

we’ll share some Bucks Fizz with

good cheer all round

For the joy of delivery comes straight

from the heart

and the prize of completion is

just taking part


Photo – Jempics

Easter unexpected

Good Friday came up quickly

as it was in disguise

so the long weekend of Easter

kind of took me by surprise

Mind you it is a nice one

to get when least expected

four days to enjoy once more

most welcome and respected

And yes there’ll be indulgence

Chocolate may well play a part

but best of all we’ll have a rest

before next week’s restart


Photo – Jempics

Easter smiled

Shadow of a crown of thorns
upon there on the wall
Contrasted in the brightness
sweetest thing I saw

Easter in reflection
The people bowed and prayed
Silence as the Spirit moved
His presence there portrayed

And kneeling in the quiet
the sun became the Son
as Easter with forgiveness
smiled on everyone




Shadow of a crown of thorns
high up on the wall
held there in a flickering light
sweetest thing I saw
Around me people quietly prayed
the Spirit, moving, felt
a whispered word, a silent prayer
shared as people knelt

Akin there to a healing light
flickering on the wall
held silent by a shadow
beckoning a call
The shadow of a crown of thorns
up there in plain sight
here on this Good Friday
reflecting what is right


Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs and chocolate
waiting to be eaten
Brunch with bacon, scrambled eggs
admirably beaten

Easter Sunday mornings
Tradition setting here
All the family gathered
for fun times and good cheer

Treasure hunting later on
A wander by the sea
Then a veg out on the sofa
with a full roast for our tea


[A-Z April blogging challenge – day 5 – E]

Easter day yellow

Forsythia yellow leapt to life
On Easter Sunday morn
Dead throughout the winter
Today it was reborn
An apt reminder of the truth
What Easter’s all about
New life from death born of a faith
And never left in doubt


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