Tear trickled

I heard a lemur chorus
On a hot summer’s afternoon
And a tear trickled
I watched a golden sunset
Disappear on the ebb of a tide
And a tear tricked
I watched a June full moon hide
Behind ethereal night-time clouds
And a tear tricked
I heard a twelve-bar in the key of G
And, as my spine tingled,
A tear trickled
Emotion triggered by beauty
Intoxicates me
Leaves me craving
Encapsulates me
And brings me back for more

Dreamy (Footbridge leaning)

(9) footbridge (2002)

On the footbridge, leaning

Tide low on the ebb, water slow

Seagulls lazy, playfully flitting

Low over the sinking river

Whilst over the hills in the west

The golden sun waves farewell

It is a smile I am thinking now

But soon a tear trickles

Meets the curl of my lips. so you can see

That this is joy I am feeling

Waving, I whisper a ‘Thank You’

Knowing well that I will know

This warming pleasure again tomorrow

It is a short farewell; a brief passing

And I am so thankful –

A kiss at sunset with salt in the air.


Smooth the sand

Smooth the sand ‘neath rain streaked sky

Seagulls on the wing

Soft, whispered from the distant sea

The wind begins to sing

Turn the tide, the ebb once more

Back across the beach

Meet again the shingle

Always well within seareach

Whitecaps now on falling wave

Salt upon the air

Distant sun glare ends the day

The night time waiting there



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