They must be laughing

They must be laughing up in Norway
or in Canada you know
at the fuss we make in England
when we have a little snow

Sides they must be splitting
Out in Russia, Moscow way
as our headlines speak of chaos
caused by snow that fell today

And the mirth that must be flowing
Out in Switzerland as we
get all up tight and flustered
with the white stuff that we see

For though yesterday the snow
covered England for a bit
the sunshine here this morning
has melted most of it!


Photo – Jempics

Lincoln Tranquil

I’m at Lawress Hall in Lincolnshire
the county of the green
Midst the pride of England’s glory
quite the best that’s to be seen

And although the buildings here are new
the lake tells tales of old
When here in Medieval times
knights were brave and bold

There are echoes here of history
from Roman times ’til now
Yet the stillness of tranquility
lives through the years somehow




In between the buttercups
Daisies in a throng
Suggesting that the summer
has finally come along

Yet you might be forgiven
for harbouring a doubt
When you see the weather out there
and feel the chill when you are out

But there again it’s early June
and this is England, with respect
So you really shouldn’t be surprised
What more did you expect?


A picture of England

Bodiam beckoned
as the sunshine was sent
and I took in the view
from the high battlement

This castle in Sussex
with its moat all around
quintessentially English
never fails to astound

And though I have visited
these walls in the past
its picturesque splendour
is hard to surpass


A fragrance lingers

Lingering on the dying embers
of a winter’s day
a subtle fragrance lingers
in a most enticing way
It is partly one of woodsmoke
heavy on the air
and partly one of winter
quintessential there


Bequeathed by grace

Bereft of foliage
great trees stand
proudly gracing
England’s land
There amongst
the winter green
the rolling landscape
clearly seen
And pausing here
before this view
we are completely
thrilled anew
This is England
where we live
where nature has
so much to give
And we feel a peace
when in this place
bequeathed to us
by simple grace


The green and fair

England’s green and fair
our inspiration today
from St Martha’s Hill


Monarch’s Way

Following King Charlie’s footsteps
Along The Monarch’s Way
To the Ring once more again we walked
On a blustery winter’s day

Although muddy underfoot, the rain
Held back and kept us dry
The sunshine even briefly shone
From a slate-grey sky

We managed eight and one half miles
‘Tho even that’s okay
Especially as we’ll soon be back
To walk another day


Having been defeated at the Battle of Worcester in 1651, King Charles II of England was hotly pursued by the parliamentary forces of Oliver Cromwell. Aided by a loyal band of supporters, the defeated king travelled first north into Wales then south through the Cotswolds and the Mendip hills to the South Coast and finally along the South Downs to Shoreham-by-Sea where he made his escape to France.

The Monarch’s Way is a long-distance footpath covering some 615 miles (990 km) which closely follows the route taken by King Charles.

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