Tri-tanka VII (Music)

Music it is said
is today the food of life
Soul food for the mind
Often hungry, it satisfies
Momentarily it fills

Many flavours here
to sample, taste and enjoy
for my sustenance
So yes, I will fill my boots
a bon vivant for music

Never filled I crave
more of this bountiful spread
Always listening
my table is never bare
for a wealth beyond measure


Photo – Jempics

To enjoy

With the fragrance of autumn
like something not there
is just creeping in
on the late summer air
We venture to Brighton
at the end of the week
for brunch with our children
and pleasure to seek

For good conversation
giggles and japes
we need lest normality
attempts an escape
Sharing food with a smile
and the joy of just being
this ‘je ne sais quoi’
this Friday we’re seeing

And later in sunshine
that still has a strength
we’ll browse all the junk shops
I guess at some length
For the day has a leisure
to seize and employ
to use as we need
this day to enjoy


Photo – from inside Al Campo, Brighton, East Sussex, UK – Jempics

Walking Sussex 6 (not)

Today I’m not walking Sussex, although I really feel I should

For despite having wandered sixty miles, I know I really could

My legs feel fine, my feet aren’t sore and I have energy abounding

So it feels like I should now be there in the countryside surrounding

But there again it’s good to sit and reflect on what has been

Of the weather we have been through and the marvellous things we’re seen

Sussex holds a treasure trove nature doesn’t hide away

It’s out there and it’s waiting and is always on display

This week we’ve had the privilege of spending five days here

We are enriched and now we have a memory we’ll hold dear.


©Jemverse (17 May 2014)

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