Starsun II

Leigh-on-Sea here in Essex
At the end of the day
The sun setting low in the west
Siting with friends
On which one depends
This time of day is the best

Everything’s golden
As the sun sinks down low
And paints a picture for all
And because it’s so good
Simply everyone would
Take a lingering look to enthrall


Photo – Jempics

Iron Lighthouse

On the north sea coast at Harwich
Iron lighthouse in the sea
Built to replace the old one
back in eighteen sixty-three

Here are sandy beaches
but the sea looks just the same
As is does down on the Southern coast
where I’ll soon be home again


The ‘High’ and ‘Low’ Lighthouses on Dovercourt’s shore at Harwich were built in 1863 as a pair after the two Lighthouses at Harwich, which worked on a similar principal of being aligned by the mariner to mark safe passage had become inacurate and dangerously misleading. Pictured is the ‘low’ one of the pair. 

Black Sheep

It’s said that we all have one
and in my family that was me
Albeit some time ago
rather thankfully
But this evening up at Manningtree
On the Essex coast
the black sheep I saw grazing
were lovelier than most

Not a bad thing here at all
the opposite, I’d say
A really lovely country scene
on this October day



Changeable Conditions

Big sky over Leigh-on-Sea
dramatic to extreme
with rain clouds scudding twixt the blue
amongst the best I’d seen
The sunshine when it finds the room
is very warm and bright
But the rain squalls cool that down somewhat
So I’m glad I dressed up right

Autumn after all it seems
may have arrived to stay
with changeable conditions
as the weatherman will say



Big Sky III

With a big sky over mudflats
out in the estuary
The rain it seems has left us

And there are glimpses there of sunshine
in amongst the grey
with blue sky poking through the clouds
to make a brighter day

It’s a promise we will cling to
for the sun is everything
Particularly after rain
with the warmth that it will bring



Into the sun

I’m heading east to Essex
It’s very wet out there
There are raindrops on the window
But I don’t at present care
For I am warm and dry
On a quiet commuter train
On my way to Southend Central
Quite protected from the rain

And in the sky above me
A brightness has begun
So when I reach my destination
I may well see the sun




Southend Pier, the estuary
the sky a speckled grey
reflected on the water
at the end of a long day
The fairground quiet and empty
the evening lights aglow
It’s peaceful here in winter
as the tidal waters flow



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