Mist ethereal

The mist above the river
was ethereal today
most evident on the bypass
as back home we made our way
The golden of the sunshine
like a yellow echo there
as we drove into the spectral
which consumed most everywhere

And an eerie still descended
as we switched our headlights on
to light the way before us
as through the murk they shone
But as we headed eastward
the mist was left behind
and the golden of the evening
was once more there to find


Photo – mist rising over the Adur valley, Shoreham, A27 bypass – Jempics


The sky was tinged with yellow
Ethereal it glowed
Casting yellow light around me
Beauty it bestowed

Through the branches I gazed up at it
And wondered at the sight
A little hint of sunshine
‘tween the evening and the night

And then the rain began to fall
Yellow faded to the grey
A swan song sunset accolade
To end another day


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