The Solution

I’ve spent the whole day in the garden
but I’ve not moved very far
as lockdown means the space I’ve got
is not spectacular
I can walk from the front room
to the garden out the back
thirty metres give or take
so not much of a track
The stairs afford an up and down
but some care there must be had
as they’re quite narrow so a trip
down them would be quite bad

So I’ve come up with a solution
which works quite well for me
and keeps me in the sunshine
out the back and fancy free
It’s to listen to my music
on my headphones nice and loud
and walk round in a circle
on the grass as I’m not proud
It’s not a bad idea
as depending on the length
I can walk out there for ages
and keep building up my strength

And I get through lots of music
whilst I’m exercising there
moving to the rhythm
a fluidity to share
I can even if I’m careful
close my eyes and drift away
when walking in my circle
in the middle of the day
It’s a solution that will work I think
until this lockdown’s done
and we again enjoy the freedom
of a long walk in the sun


Photo – Jempics

Ten thousand

Walked ten thousand steps today
recorded on my wrist
Still need to get my head round that
but I think I’ve got the gist
An early birthday present
tracking fitness on my phone
Syncing all by Bluetooth
where my progress is then shown

I love this new technology
it really is the best
Recording everything I do
when active or at rest
Tracking calorific intake
and calorific burn
Balancing one against the other
with every step and turn

And although it’s still quite new to me
with less speed and more of haste
It seems that I’ve already lost
some inches from my waist
So long may this continue
exercising will be fun
Especially if as a result
I get a svelte-like tum!


The early birthday present was a ‘FitBit Alta’ wristband (in case you’re wondering).

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