Easter’s Grace II

Once some several years ago
In hallowed ground near here
I bowed and offered humber prayer
the beach and sea quite near
A little chapel on the shore
at Easter time at home
with crown of thorns up on the wall
for people to atone
And now as then on Saturday
the sun becomes the son
as at Easter his forgiveness
is complete for everyone


Photo – Jempics


I’m thankful for sunshine
and thankful for Spring
thankful for nature
with reason to sing
I’m thankful for music
and thankful for song
thankful for rhythm
to keep my soul strong

I’m thankful for birdsong
and thankful for voice
thankful for eloquence
giving me choice
I’m thankful for friendship
and thankful for life
thankful for sharing
this here with my wife

I’m thankful for being
and thankful for just
thankful for all that
God gives me in trust
I’m thankful for freedom
and thankful for bliss
thankful for choice
which gives me all this


Photo – Jempics

Heaven for all

Let’s face it, its only
when we get there we’ll know
at the end of the race
who will get there to go

But I’m these days convinced
that there’ll be no exceptions
for that is a failing
of mankind’s perception

For a God who once had
perfection as planned
will I’m sure want to see
a return to that and

Who of us is to say
that in final release
all will return for
a share in that peace?


Photo – Jempics

Easter day yellow

Forsythia yellow leapt to life
On Easter Sunday morn
Dead throughout the winter
Today it was reborn
An apt reminder of the truth
What Easter’s all about
New life from death born of a faith
And never left in doubt



I don’t ask for much in life
I settle for the least
A bed to sleep in, warm at night
And now and then a feast

A little exercise most days
In the garden, out the back
Some water there to quench my thirst
And perhaps. sometimes. a snack

Yet in return for these small things
I’ll be a life-long friend
Always there to welcome you
On me you can depend

For I am faithful to the last
Ever by your side
I’ll be a true companion
In whom you can confide

I’m always pleased to see you
Whenever that might be
No matter how you’re feeling
For that’s part of being me

For I am dog you understand
A canine through and through
Unequivocally there to be
A special friend for you



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