Favourite things

The beach at any time of year
The sea, my friend, to bring me cheer

Lavender in purple fields
Walking in the Sussex Weald

Music as my food for life
My lovely children and my wife

My dogs, the young one and the old
who understand me, so I’m told

Treasures all with songs to sing
These are all my favourite thing


Photo – Gracey Croucher – the author at one of his favourite places, watching a sunset

Yellow III

I have many favourite colours
But yellow is the one
That reminds me of the sunshine
and the warming summer sun
It’s a flamboyant colour
Which is very much like me
Quite extrovert and often loud
Like this soliloquy

So I’ll take pictures when I see it
represented round about
And publish each and every one
so there really is no doubt
That yellow is my favourite colour
One of summer through and through
Representative of who I am
and unequivocally true


Special Places


And then there are the special places
Favourites, I guess you’d say
Places where I can find myself
at whatever time of day

I can count them on five fingers
and name them every one
Some work what e’er the weather
but are always best in sun

There’s the beach hut down at Lancing
(that’s got to be the best)
Mainly because it’s by the sea
where I’ll always be at rest

Two are up the river trail
the first at Beeding Gap
Secluded, near the water
and perfect for a nap

The second’s somewhat further
so we’ll usually go by car
But once I walked to Stopham Bridge
(though from home it’s pretty far)

The Ring just has to be there
on top of Chanctonbury Hill
As the view it gives of Sussex Weald
fills me with wonder still

Then last, but certainly not the least
There’s my garden here at home
A favourite when with family
with friends or on my own

We all have special places
where we’ll go from time to time
I’m sure yours are just as wonderful
and are just as good as mine


Photo – the Sussex Weald from Chanctonbury Hill – Jempics

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