Last day #2

2 of 12 in the ‘Last day 23’ series

Yes I know it's a bit shorter
but the slip-sliding away
this year is quite amazing
as it's February's last day

Now March is nigh upon us
and the winter's almost done
so I suspect in thirty more
we'll know the spring has come

So though another month
has left us now this year
I'm not that disappointed
as the warmer days are near


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Start VI

6 of 12 in the ’12 months VI’ series

February the first, hip-hip hooray
to start afresh on this Wednesday
what it will bring I cannot say
but all the best to it

I'm sure there will be smiles and tears
there always are in all the years
as each day comes and more appears
with all the best to it

Yet best foot forward as they say
for tomorrow is another day
and we'd not hasten on delay
so all the best to it


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One VI

6 of 12 in the Jemverse series ’12 months V’

February's here in twenty two
another month slips by
thirty-one days already gone
in the mere blink of eye
But I'm not wishing time away
for the light is stronger here
and days are getting longer
to promise Springtime cheer
Not that winter yet is done
the cold it lingers on
but the sun is climbing higher
as each month comes round to one


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Tri-haiku XXXII – Time’s passage

The last of the month
where has February gone?
already it’s March

But no complaints here
for summer’s ever closer
Warmer daytime soon

Coupled with new growth
Springtime around the corner
with grass now greener


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Summer to share

The warmth on my shoulder
as I sit here and write
is really quite lovely
in this winter sunlight
It feels just like summer
and if I close my eyes
I can see myself there
with no little surprise

But it’s February now
and though it’s still cold
it won’t be that long
if I may be so bold
before Springtime gathers
and the weather prepares
as its garners itself
the summer to share


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Beginning VI

6 of 12 in the Jemverse ’12 month IV’ series

In layers of grey with blue above
a February sky
caught me unawares today
as slowly I walked by
It promised new beginning
and though naked still the trees
the sunshine brought a warmth
to the fading winter freeze
So, resolved there in that moment
I vowed to hold that thought today
The hope for new beginning
as I went upon my way


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And when Monday was finished
with Tuesday begun
the February sunshine arrived
Still weak with the winter
bereft yet of warmth
at least it could say that it tried

A fair attempt there I thought
as I said, it had tried
and given me something today
The spark of a promise
of good things to come
with Springtime well on the way


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First VI

6 of 12 in the Jemverse ’12 months III’ series

I leap this year with twenty-nine
for I’m unique like that
the only month to get the chance
for more days, that’s a fact
For I am February, that’s the truth
the second of the year
and also last of winter
in the Northern Hemisphere

My birth flowers are the violet
Primrose and Iris too
with amethyst as my birthstone
which I’m pretty sure you knew
So here’s to first of February
twenty twenty marches on
leaping to the one in four
with this phenomenon


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No.6 of 12 in the Jemverse ’12 months II’ series

With violet as my birth flower
I am the second one
Twenty-eight or twenty-nine
when leap years seldom come

I’ve amethyst as a birthstone
and, adding to my name
I symbolise sincerity
and piety again

Today’s the first of February
and it’s good that I am here
to wish you all the very best
in this second of the year


Photo – Jempics

Twelve Months Two

No 7 of 12 in the Jemverse ‘Twelve Months’ series

Vivid Violet in the sun
tells us the second month has come
One and thirty days are done
the New Year truly has begun

February’s birth flower, Violet
reminds us lest we all forget
that Winter’s fading oubliette
will soon be Spring in case we fret


This is 7 in a series of 12 poems written for and published on the 1st of every month for a year. See also Twelve Months Eight, Twelve Months Nine, Twelve Months Ten, Twelve Months Eleven , Twelve Months Twelve and Twelve Months One.

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