Little ribbons

The festival is over
The music’s faded for a while
But thirty thousand wrists
have a memory for a smile

Little ribbons full of colour
Worn with pride until they fade
Tokens kept and treasured
For nostalgia stored and saved



Heading off to Wildlife
Across the old toll bridge
Right there on our doorstep
Such a special privilege

Kite surfers on the water
Past the marquee’s massive towers
Music pulsing in the distance
Where we’ll spend the next few hours

Wildlife at the airport
Thirty thousand people there
The sunshine smiled and we all danced
As music filled the air


Wildlife is the biggest music festival to make the South Coast of the UK since the Isle of Wight back in the 60s and 70s. Upwards of 35,000 are expected for two days of music, fun and sunshine at the Brighton & Shoreham city airport on 6 and 7 June 2015. We have weekend passes – no brainer really as the festival is less than a mile from where we live.

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