I gaze up to those Sussex hills
beneath clear skies of blue
And one word springs to mind that is
descriptive of that view

For they’re nothing short of gorgeous
bathed in the evening light
A landscape painted there for me
a truly lovely sight

They sing to me in dulcet tones
with soft and sultry voice
These fields of green and rolling hills
For them I’ll oft rejoice


Day 7 of the ‘Blogging from A-Z challenge

Wonderful view

Vibrancy of morning
attracts me again
as westwards I travel
on another train
Over the river
reflecting the blue
a fleeting glimpse
of the Shoreham sea view
Then through the green
of the open flood field
at the southernmost point
of the fine Sussex Weald
Victorian houses
of the coastal towns
beside the sea under
the rising South Downs
I’ve said it before
but these words remain true
as I’ll never get tired
of this wonderful view.


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