Start 1

1 of 12 in the ’12 months VI’ series from Jemverse

It's the first of September
and here for the starting
a new Jemverse series
with the old just departing

Twelve poems each as
the first day arrives
will start every month
if my writing survives

Some words here to herald
each month as it starts
for hope, zest and joy
as the old one departs


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7 of 12 in the Jemverse series ’12 months V’

First of March and in mind's eye
spring begins with early sigh
as green shoots winter's chill decry
and yellow makes a stand

First of March the grass grows long
and blackbirds burst to morning song
as buds burst forth in happy throng
and yellow shows its hand

First of March the sun shines high
reaching up into the sky
replacing truth from winter's lie
and yellow comes as planned


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One I

1 of 12 in the Jemverse ’12 months V’ series

One for the first day
now of September
but it's still summer here
something to remember

One day past an
August now gone
and though it's still summer
it won't be that long

Til autumn's upon us
with the brown and the gold
and a last breath of warmth
before onset of cold

But let's not now on
the coming days dwell
for we've plenty more summer
to come you can tell

So here with these lines
and September, day one
we raise our heads skyward
to embrace the sun


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Beginning XII

12 of 12 in the Jemverse ’12 months IV’ series

Forty-eight beginnings later
first of August twenty-one
the last one in this series
now twelve months since begun
But not (you will be pleased to hear)
the last one here for good
for I'll begin a brand new series 
next month here (you knew I would)

For now though first of August
summer twenty twenty-one
when I'll be out most every day
beneath the golden sun
Finding things to write about
from all that life will give
as I experience it each day
and by its pleasure live


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Every year, on the first of each month, Jemverse runs an annual 12-poem-long series. Today culminates the 4th. “12 months V” starts on 1st September 2021.

First X

10 of 12 in the Jemverse ’12 months III’ series

The sixth month of the year arrives
here with the first of June
Summer smiles a welcome
singing here a happy tune
Sun shines down from clear blue skies
a little dance seems right
expression of the sentiment
we have with this in sight

Nature’s green abundant growth
with colour in between
as flowers open wide their bloom
to be the best they’ve been
June we always welcome you
the summer in our heart
marked upon your first day here
to herald in the start


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First V

5 of 12 in the Jemverse ’12 months III’ series

A first in many ways today
a new decade for one
Twenty-twenty makes a start
now twenty-teens are done
First of the year and of the month
First poem of the year
and of the decade, come to that
(This much to me is clear)
So here’s a little ditty
the first of more to come
from January through December
until this year is done


Photo – Jempics

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