Venice (touch n go)

8 of 12 in ‘The Adriatic Affair’ series from Jemverse

The fog came down, it was quite thick
and we weren’t moving far
and dropping anchor out at sea
was unspectacular
Then the captain on the tannoy said
Venice was closed today
which as you might imagine
was met with some dismay
But then out there to starboard
a pale sun made a show
and as the pea soup dissipated
the ship prepared to go
A loud ‘hoorah’ erupted
when the captain later on
said that Venice had re-opened
and it wouldn’t be that long
before the pilot came and joined us
and we’d be underway
into Venetian waters
on this lovely holiday


Photo – a fog-bound Marella Celebration – Jempics

[‘Venice (touch n go)’ is the eighth of twelve poems capturing our autumn 2019 ‘Adriatic Affair’ cruise aboard the Marella Celebration. From 24 through 31 October we visited…
24/10 – Dubrovnik, Croatia (‘Finding Summer’ (02/11) and ‘Dubrovnik Divine’ (03/11))
25/10 – Hvar, Croatia (‘Hvar’ (04/11) and ‘Hoorah for Hvar’ (05/11))
26/10 – Ancona, Italy (‘Ancona Encore’ (06/11) and ‘Ancona II’ (07/11))
27/10 – Koper, Slovenia (‘Koper’ (08/11))
28/10 – Venice, Italy (‘Venice (touch & go)’ (09/11) and ‘Venice II’ (10/11))
29/10 – Rijeka, Croatia (‘Rijeka’ (11/11)), and
30/10 – Split, Croatia (‘An unexpected tricycle ride’ (12/11) and ‘Split II’ (13/11))
…before sailing back into Dubrovnik for the flight home on the 31st]


Fog on the Ring – tanka

Fog thick as pea soup
shrouds the Sussex countryside
Trees hide like shadows
Quiet whispers, coy and shy
as again I climb the Ring



In from the fog

I could tell by all the seagulls
and the chap up on the prow
getting ropes all ready
that we were nearing Porto now

But the sea fog on the water
kept the land just out of sight
until a lighthouse appeared slowly
in the early morning light

The thrusters turned the ship around
The pilot did his thing
and as the fog swirled all around us
the Spirit docked and settled in


[‘In from the fog’ is 10 of 14 in the Jemverse ‘Iberian Treasures’ series]

Departures (29/8/16)
Malaga I (30/8/16)
Gibraltar (31/8/16)
Gibraltar II (1/9/16)
All at sea (2/9/16)
Lounging (3/9/16)
Three sixty degree sea (4/9/16)
Vigo (5/9/16)
Atlantic Surge (6/9/16)
In from the fog (7/9/16)
Terracotta Rooftiles (8/9/16)
Lisbon 36 (9/9/16)
Seville (10/9/16)
Malaga II (11/9/16)


Lindisfarne echoed
across Newcastle tonight
The fog on the Tyne


Day 14 in the ‘Blogging from A-Z challenge

Solitude with seagulls

Sea fog hides my Sussex fields
Rolling in from flattened sea
But, masked from view, its fragrance
drifts in and welcomes me

It is a private solitude
This early morning time
With cries of inland gulls above
To add discordant chime

But it is to me a pleasing sound
They are as friends to me
Part and parcel of this little town
Of Shoreham by the sea



Pea Soup

Visibility almost zero
I can barely see the green
I know it’s out there somewhere
For it’s oft where I have been

Strange how unfamiliar
Things become on foggy days
I know this is the way to go
Despite this strange malaise

Nothing’s where I expect it though
The tree line’s disappeared
I’m beginning to walk aimlessly
And get lost just as I feared

But then, all of a sudden
The trees appear in front of me
Their ghostly apparition brings
A little clarity

My path remains uncertain
This pea soup thickens still
But there’s promise there before me
Strengthening my will

Resolve puts best foot forward
‘Carpe Diem’ (seize the day)
A metaphor from Sussex hills
To help me find my way


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