If I could capture the aroma in my home today
and put that into words on this page
I’d do so in an instant for, with freshly baked bread
I am sure it would become all the rage

But for now I’m afraid you’ll just have to make do
with an image, for I’ve been a bit hasty
in whetting your appetites here in this verse
as we’ve eaten the bread which was tasty.


Soup – haiku

An artisan loaf
with beer and warming soup
cannot be beaten


Toast – haiku

Heaven – likened to
Hot buttered toast following
Fasting day diets


Fasting day diets’ are part of a diet called the ‘Two Five’ diet. It’s a no-brainer as far as I’m concerned. You pick two days of a week (any two) and restrict your calorific intake to 600 for a man; 500 for a woman on those two days. But for the other five, there’s no limit – you can eat what you want. And it works! Last year I lost over a stone in just six weeks.

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