Mock Orange

The mock orange in my garden
has blossomed now it’s May
And its fragrance is abundant
at any time of day
Especially of an evening
when it fills the air with scent
And I stand there for a moment
Breathing in with good intent


A fragrance lingers

Lingering on the dying embers
of a winter’s day
a subtle fragrance lingers
in a most enticing way
It is partly one of woodsmoke
heavy on the air
and partly one of winter
quintessential there


My Lavender

My lavender hides a memory
deep within its scent
One of when the days were warm
and full of good intent
It’s a fragrance steeped in whimsy
which conjures up a smile
as in these winter days I breathe
its aroma in a while


The simple things

We’ve been here before
but the effect is the same
In this place we come back to
again and again
A long tunnel of trees
with sunlight ahead
And the fragrance of forest
in the paths we have led

Following dark trails
to see where they lead
With no quickness of pace
or desire for great speed
With the crisp crunch of bracken
beneath our footfall
and the mystery of woodland
surrounding us all

Finding pleasure with the simple
effects of the light
as it shines through the branches
Quite a beautiful sight
Then discovering a glade
bathed in light from the sun
before retracing our steps
back the way we have come

Watching the leaves
tumble down through the air
to form blankets of cover
on woodland floors there
This place exudes peace
and a comfort and calm
It is soothing and restful
with restorative balm

So we’ll come back again
to this magical place
To see more of the woodland
and its mysterious space
For the pleasure it brings
and quite simply because
It will always be waiting
with a welcome for us


Freshly cut grass

I love the smell of grass
that has been freshly mown
for it reminds me of the summer
and the kindness it has shown
There’ve been many days of blue
with not a cloud in sight
When the sun in all its splendour
has shone with all its might

And like a duck to water
I have sat out in my chair
and revelled in the radiance
that shines around me there
That fragrance, just like lavender
calms me in that place
and the sunshine brings a smile
with its warmth upon my face


Autumn’s song

I’m not discounting summer
although August is now gone
For September days bring welcome rays
before the Autumn’s song

The sunshine it still carries strength
and though days are shorter now
it’s good to feel late summer heat
upon my face and brow

Having said that, there’s a fragrance
subtle, on the air
to remind me that the autumn’s
just around the corner there



I love my garden at this time of year
It is really quite idyllic
Can’t exactly tell you why
as there’s nothing quite specific

But it’s a lot about the colour
and the lushness that’s out here
in the rain or in the sunshine
as it always brings good cheer

It’s a lot about the fragrance
Honeysuckle on the breeze
and the petrichor from summer rain
just dripping from the leaves

And it’s all about the peacefulness
and how it makes me feel
For my garden is my haven
with the power to calm and heal


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