The big black dog he wasn’t there

The big black dog he wasn’t there
this second Friday evening
but I wasn’t all that bothered
(it was actually quite relieving)
For it meant of course that all this space
was mine to run around
have a sniff, enjoy myself
my field on Sussex ground

And the black dog with the longer legs
wasn’t there so I
had the place all to myself
to spend this hour by
It was again a freedom
that my two humans give
every Friday evening for
this little chap to live


Photo – Jempics

[Every Friday evening my humans take me (Obi Wan Kinobi) to a three-acre dog-friendly field for an hour of unbridled freedom. A couple of weeks back though, they unwisely thought it was good idea for me to meet their daughter’s dog (Wolfgang Amadeus). We knew it wasn’t so I was really pleased to have the place to myself again. Wolfgang – a Patterdale Terrier – is big and black and has long legs. I’m a brown Jack Russell/Dachshund cross with short legs].

My Field

I have a field I go to
every Friday night
It’s mine to run around in
and there’s no-one else in sight
I’m also fairly certain
that no other dogs go there
I’ve certainly never seen one
and I don’t think they would dare

For this field it is my haven
and I love to run around
quite free in its three acres
on the chalky Sussex ground
And sometimes my two humans
will bring a little treat
which I will get get freely
by simply looking sweet

So I’m content to walk with them
when I have had a run
or have a sniff around the trees
it’s all part of the fun
My field it is a lovely place
and my humans they are great
for giving me the freedom
every Friday for a date


Photo – Me (Obi Wan Kinobi) in my field – Jempics

Houndie House

Found a field at Horsebridge
out near Ashurst way
for an hour of pure freedom
on an evening of a day
Three acres all protected
by a rabbit fence all round
with trees and luscious grass of green
upon the chalky ground

And Obi had a lovely time
running here and there
unrestricted off his lead
to run without a care
It was a lovely thing to see
so Houndie House you know
that you will now be somewhere
where we three will often go


Photo – Obi running free at Houndie House, Horsebridge, Sussex – Jempics

Of sunsets and supermoons

I found a freedom at sunset today
went out for a ride on my bike
Not many cars on the roads still of course
so I could go wherever I liked

Took a route by the airport at first
no planes on the field there in sight
felt a bit odd but then everything is
including an absence of flight

Crossed by the Pad to Old Botolphs road
the sun sinking low in the sky
peddled on down the quiet country lane
as tiny young rabbits hopped by

Paused on the crest to take in the view
the little church waiting down there
then whizzed down the hill freewheeling and fast
with the wind blowing warm in my hair

To the river and sunset over the hill
sinking down low in the west
Caught in this place where the view here I think
is probably one of the best

Then on home to Shoreham-by-Sea where I live
my bike taking me there quite soon
under a blue sky where in the east there arose
a wonderful new supermoon


Photo – super moon rising over Shoreham – Jempics

Too soon?

It’s been nine weeks but now there’s talk
of lifting the restriction
Not sure how I feel ’bout that
given my conviction
that back when all this started
we were in for the long haul
and resolute I stayed inside
til we overcame it all

Still not sure that time has come
so with my profile I’ll stay low
and until I’m really positive
I’ll keep it nice and slow
For I’ve no doubt that by and by
the day will come when we
can make a reappearance
and be safe and virus free


Photo – Jempics

Where I can be free

My feet in the water
in Wellington boots
down on the sea shore
from whence come my roots
The soft wavelets lapping
as the light fades away
and we come here walking
at the end of the day

For this vacant seascape
holds richness and more
which I’ll always treasure
for it I adore
And I’ll never tire
of this vista I see
down by the water
where I can be free


Photo – Jempics


I went for a ride
on my bike round the town
The streets were all quiet
with no one around
Just as well though I thought
as it’s not worth the risk
although on my bike
I could get away brisk

For although here the freedom
the riding brings me
I want to stay healthy
and keep virus free
So a ride of an evening
when everything’s still
is sometime I might
and I think often will


Photo – Jempics

Freedom Promise

I had a little dream
about the things I used to do
not so very long ago
but now complete taboo
Simple things like walking out
to town and wandering round
taking pleasure in the things
which in a charity shop I’d found

Or sitting with good friends
in the pub just down the lane
for a couple of pale ales
and a natter and a game
But though these are impossible
at the moment there is hope
that I cling to with a promise
which allows me here to cope

For there will come a time
before the summer’s done
when we can see those things again
and dance out in the sun
So until that time comes round
I will make the most of things
biding time until the day
when freedom once more sings


Photo – Jempics


Today I found freedom
and went for a run
in Simon’s Field, Faygate
with frolics and fun

Basil was with me
in meadow ground
content as he was
to go plodding around

But me I was lightning
and as fast as could be
making the most of
the joy to be free


Photo – Obi Wan Kinobi (aged 3) running free at Simon’s Fields, Faygate, Sussex – a ‘dog running’ meadow. Basil Fawlty (aged 16) just out of shot – Jempics


I am tranquility and more
my voice a soothing balm
Shining I reflect the sun
to bring you peace and calm
I am river flowing free
my waters smooth and still
Come stay a while and breathe me in
until you’ve had your fill
I hold no qualm nor discontent
My aim to heal and cure
Such is the power I promulgate
with freedom, my allure


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