Today I found freedom
and went for a run
in Simon’s Field, Faygate
with frolics and fun

Basil was with me
in meadow ground
content as he was
to go plodding around

But me I was lightning
and as fast as could be
making the most of
the joy to be free


Photo – Obi Wan Kinobi (aged 3) running free at Simon’s Fields, Faygate, Sussex – a ‘dog running’ meadow. Basil Fawlty (aged 16) just out of shot – Jempics


I am tranquility and more
my voice a soothing balm
Shining I reflect the sun
to bring you peace and calm
I am river flowing free
my waters smooth and still
Come stay a while and breathe me in
until you’ve had your fill
I hold no qualm nor discontent
My aim to heal and cure
Such is the power I promulgate
with freedom, my allure


As a seagull

As a seagull I flew inland from the sea
Up in a yellow-tinged sky
Looking down with the freedom I commanded in flight
as I swooped and I soared up on high

I watched as the river meandered below
Through the town I am proud to call home
with its cluster of houses gathered close to the sea
over routes I have so often flown

And as I flew I gave voice as we seagulls do
shouting out to the winds a loud cheer
close to the ocean in Shoreham-by-Sea
“I am really so pleased that I’m here”



I have many chanced by meetings
When walking Sussex Weald
But there’s little interaction
with rabbits in a field
I have no problem here of course
It’s nice to see them there
Minding their own business
without concern or care

Something I can replicate
when walking South Downs trail
a feeling of contentment with
a freedom to regale
The ability to laugh out loud
with the joy of being there
like the rabbits in the field
without concern or care



As if from hibernation
I have woken with the sun
It lifts me from a slumber
When the winter months are done
It bathes me in its brightness
Cleans all those blues away
And perks me up for summer
Yellow filling every day

Sunshine is my solace
And a tonic for my soul
It reminds me who I really am
And helps to make me whole
Sunshine breathes new life in me
And I can never have my fill
For as a child of summer
I just quicken to its will


[A-Z April – day 19 – #S]

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