When I’m free

Friday comes and here I find
myself in pensive mood
so it would be a sacrilege
and bordering on the rude
not to seize advantage of 
a day when I'm not working
and use it to fulfilment
not of squander or of shirking

I'll write a while whilst words they come
the paper there receptive
and wait for morning sunshine
then, and not to lose perspective
sit out there a while with
the warm rays over me
things to fill the time I have
on Fridays when I'm free


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Friday Bussokuseki

for this Friday as it comes
A 'je ne sais quoi'
capturing an essence here
in thirty-eight syllables
as the weekend starts again


[‘Bussokuseki is a six-line Japanese derived non-rhyming stanza with a syllabic sequencing of 5-7-5-7-7-7’]

Tri-tanka XV (Friday)

Come Friday, relax
for it is the weekend now
Time for more yellow
and for some in swathes of sun
for comfort in safe harbour

Come Friday, enjoy
for it is again your time
Safe in the knowledge
of 'je ne sais quoi' feelings
to simply be you and breathe

Come Friday, begin
again to find that freedom
and then reclaim it
for it is to have and hold
a treasure made for riches


‘Tanka’ is a Japanese poetic non-rhyming form with a syllabic sequence of  5, 7, 5, 7, 7

Tri-Haiku XXXVIII (Friday)

And so to Friday
for a switch-off come lunchtime
into the weekend

And breathe deep, relax
soak up the fact that this is
deliciously mine

And so it will be
to use wisely and enjoy
pending the new week



Friday the third

No other reason
than Friday the third
for writing this verse
which might seem absurd
but then inspiration
will seldom conform
and will on occasion
stray from the norm
And this is the latter
with lines droll and witty
for Friday the third
and this little ditty


Tri-sedoka V – Friday

I long for Friday
as when it arrives each week
I can relax into the
knowledge that for the
next two days time slows right down
and all of this time is mine

I yearn for Friday
for with it comes confidence
offered freely with weekends
for freedom and zest
Two days and family and me
are all that is important

I feel for Friday
almost as a living thing
as the week slip-slides away
and here cathartic
a relaxation washes
quite completely over me


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Seven days revisited #5 (Friday)

Finally with
Descend into
Another weekend with a welcoming


This is 5 of 7 in a series from Jemverse originally published in July 2014

Breathe deep Friday haiku

No.6 of 7 in the Jemverse ‘Haikuweek’ series

Breathe deep the Friday
Take in its welcome presence
For the weekend looms


Photo – Jempics

Just as well

It felt just like the weekend
and for me that’s what it was
as these days I need a bit more time
to recuperate because
the travelling I’m doing now
takes it right out of me
and much as I enjoy it
long rests are what I need
But in Brighton in the sunshine
you really couldn’t tell
that this was just a Friday
which I guess was just as well



For Friday…

Finally with



Descend into

Another weekend with a welcoming




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