The allure of the ocean
calls often to me
whenever I’m taken
away from the sea
So I have to return
as one does for a friend
as its magic and beauty
has no limit or end

And looking out to the waves
as I stand on the shore
I know that I’ll always
come back here for more


Photo – Shoreham beach, West Sussex – Jempics

Sunshine III

Sunshine is my solace
and a tonic for my soul
It reminds me who I really am
and helps to keep me whole

Sunshine breathes new life in me
and I can never have my fill
For as a child of summer
I will pander to it still

Sunshine is my kinship
and will always be a friend
And I would be in heaven
if the summer had no end


Photo – Jempics



Sun on water
Surf a flat white
The beach as ever
A wonderful sight
Wavelets turning
Watch them fall
The sea in movement
With its call
Draws me in
And to its sound
I am as ever
Duty bound
For sea and surf
Are part of me
And I am one
Beside the sea


Photo – flat surf, low tide, Shoreham beach – Jempics

The poet’s dog


Curled up in a ball
and sleeping as I write
My faithful hound called ‘Obi’
is a lovely sight
He’s really happy snoozing
whilst I find words to say
But now and then looks up at me
to make sure I’m okay
So as a sort of accolade
with a cheer and little clap
I’ll write this poem for him
‘Cos he’s a lovely little chap


The voice of the ocean


Once again as it has
throughout all these years
the voice of the ocean
came to dry all my tears
It spoke and it healed
as it washed over me
And its salt-crested waves
gathered me to the sea
The voice of the ocean
as healer and friend
one to which I’ll return
always in the end


My ‘ever there’ friend


Took a long look at the sea today
made up my mind there and then
For it’s been way too long since I visited
my dear ‘ever there’ special friend

It’s always the same whenever we meet
like we’re seldom ever apart
Comes of living here next to the coast
for the sea is there deep in my heart

My ‘ever there’ friend rejuvenates me
on every occasion we meet
and I’ll never grow tired of the company
as each time is a real special treat


Obi (paws for thought)


Obi (pronounced “Ohbee”)
has been with us for a year
He’s a little brown jack-russell
and he’s brought us lots of cheer
We’ve had him since he was a pup
all plump and paws and ears
And like our older dog we hope
that he will stay for many years

He’s forthcoming with his kisses
though he has some gnashers too
And when he gives a sideways glance
you know a nipping’s due
But mostly he’s just gorgeous
so much fun to have around
And apart from when he’s barking
he hardly makes a sound


Day 15 in the ‘Blogging from A-Z challenge

Version 2

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