Virtual beers

From Liverpool to Shoreham
quite a distance any day
but in these days of lockdown
seems a million miles away
But that distance is diminished
at a stroke with all good cheer
when we friends WhatsApp together
to share a virtual beer

Yes the long forbidden travel
may keep us distanced yet
but that alone won’t stop us
and we’re at pains to not forget
that a friendship knows no boundary
and distance isn’t one
So we will keep on meeting
til this pandemic’s done

Whetting whistle with the virtual beer
sharing anecdotes on line
raising glasses to our friendship
we look forward to this time
And until that glorious day when we
can share a real one face to face
this on-line time together
is our virtual beering grace


Photo – Jempics

Too good to miss

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained”
the ancient proverb word
so we put best foot forward
and proceeded undeterred
Maintaining social distance
for our safety guaranteed
we met for conversation
with an appetite to feed

A meeting up of family
apart for far too long
this little slice of happiness
to fill our hearts with song
And, as long as we are careful
we will see some more of this
rekindling of a friendship
which is far too good to miss


Photo – Jempics


I met a friend
he wasn’t well
we chatted for a while
And when I left
he said he felt
quite better with a smile

I wondered at
the truth of that
if humour had a part
But in the hug
he left me with
I knew it came from heart

So homeward bound
I felt relief
though with resolve I’d say
to keep an eye
for friendship true
grows stronger every day


Photo – Jempics

It’s a gull’s life

“So, this wall in the sun
makes a great place to view
this town where we live
don’t you think, just us two?”

“You’re not wrong my friend
it’s a great place to be
down here by the river
not far from the sea”

“We can fish, we can fly
or just sit in the sun
It’s a gull’s life for us
and it’s plenty of fun”

“You said it, my friend
Living here is just great
and it’s better by far
with you for a mate”


Photo – gulls on the new sea defence wall, river Adur, Shoreham-by-Sea, Sussex – Jempics


On a train out of St Pancras
heading for the coast
It’s been a really good night out
of which we’ve made the most
We’ve had good conversation
as good friends always do
It’s just a pity that these
get togethers are so very few
so we will have to make amends
and get together more
As there are many opportunities
for us six out there in store


Road trip

We’re off on a road trip to Loughborough
for a reunion with all of our pals
It’s been thirty-eight years in the making
so will be great to see all the gals

We have music all sorted and sweeties
The tank has been filled up with fuel
And we’re setting off in early morning
so the weather will start nice and cool

It will be great if the sunshine stays with us
but if it rains we won’t really care
for the excitement of this reunion
Is the reason that we’ll all be there


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Waiting II

Precarious position
he sits there patiently
waiting as the world outside
passes by him silently
Entering his twilight years
his hearing lost to time
he may be going senile
but his eyesight is just fine
And although he’s slowing down
he knows his people still
so always waits for their return
by the front room windowsill


My stalwart sea

Everyone needs a stalwart friend
There in times of need
and happiness and sorrow
and excitement and pain
and joy and fulfilment
But most times, simply there

I have such a friend
The silent and powerful type
Always listening, always there
Never a word spoken
But many thousands said


Hello sunshine

Hello sunshine, you are welcome
on this lovely summer’s day
It’s yellow and though still early
you’re already out to play
I decided to wear sandals
in honour of your heat
It seemed like the right thing to do
and feels lovely for my feet

I have a grin behind my sunglasses
from this child of June
and as I head off to my office
hum a happy little tune
Sunshine, you’re my friend today
as in summer you’re sublime
You bring good cheer to I do
and do this every time

And if you stay ’til evening
I will make the best of you
watching as you settle
‘neath a sky of azure blue
I might even stay when you are gone
with a pergola and flame
Waiting up until the morning
when you return to me again


A watchful eye

When most I look after are fast asleep
In the small hours of a Saturday night
The one who chose me all those years ago
Stays up later to write

So I’ll stay here with him at rest in my bed
One eye watchful until
His paper is filled with the words he has there
And his pen is laid down and still

For when that time comes he will gather me up
And carry me under his arm
And as I have looked after him all the day
Through the night he will keep me from harm


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