There’s a frost on the roof
at the end of the garden
as the winter clings on
for more months, beg your pardon
But I’ve had enough of
this cold stuff right now
and I long for the feel
of warm sun on my brow

So please Mr Winter
be a good fellow
leave us for some weather
a little more mellow
You’ve had a good innings
but now it is time
for us to feel something
from a warmer clime


Photo – Jempics

Pea soup days

It really was a pea soup day
with freezing fog all ’round
reducing visibility
with ice upon the ground
Everywhere was coated white
not from snow but frost
and in the thick and murky fog
it was easy to get lost

But the wonder of this winter view
as it fell to minus seven
thought clouded breath escaping gave
a little glimpse of heaven
White on fields and white on trees
on verge and hedgerow too
As if with one cold overnight
the world was formed anew


Bridging the gap

So winter comes to bridge the gap
as summer fades away
A chill with morning, ice on cars
and frost ‘most every day
We dress up warm and hide the skin
We shiver from the chill
The gap is narrowed, winter stays
and with us now until
in several months again we see
the widening gap once more
Those days of Spring, the warming times
with summer there in store


Winter’s smile

There’s a crystalline clarity out here today
in the trees there over the way
A ground frost has visited the fields overnight
And it’s more beautiful than I can say

So I’ll not waste my words and contented instead
Just quietly stand here awhile
Allow the wonder of winter to embellish again
with a picture in mind for a smile



White clad fields and frosted leaves
Ice upon the ground
Clouds of steam escaping from
The people all around

Winter has us in its grip
But is loosening its hold
As there are early signs of Spring
Pushing through the cold

Green shoots for Springtime flowers
Are bravely showing face
As the days get longer, warmth
Returns again with grace.



Nasturtiums do not like the cold
They do the same thing every year
Just the merest hint of frost
And they just wilt with fear

They give such pleasure in the warmth
Producing flowers with colours bright
But in the chilly winter months
There’s not a nasturtium in sight


First Frost

Sunshine like water, diluted and pale
Greets me on this cold winter’s day
Bereft of its warmth, there’s a sadness there
Its exuberance fading away

Yet in the long shadows of the first morning frost
Its magic remains in clear view
A glistening white vista across Sussex fields
Ice diamonds replace summer dew


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