Cherry Tree

Yes, I know my pretty blossom
looks quite lovely in the sun
But just you wait ’til later on
when summer months are done

It’s really not so very long
just four short months or so
Before another treasure
I’ll be ready here to show

For then my fruit I’ll share with you
and I know that you’ll be grateful
With bowls of luscious cherries
sampled from your kitchen table



Apple blossom promise

We have a little apple tree
which grows bigger by the year
Its starting to sprout blossom
but no fruit has yet appeared
No matter, for its flowers
show that it is biding time
before producing apples
which I’m sure will taste just fine

So I’m really looking forward
to a summer when we’ll see
Little apples growing
on our little apple tree
For then come Autumn’s shadow
we will harvest every one
And celebrate first tasting
born from days of summer sun

Perhaps we’ll make a little wine
or a cider if you please
Or maybe apple chutney
to eat with winter cheese
But that time it still has yet to come
as we have yet to see the show
From the apple blossom promise
that some fruit’s begun to grow


Blackberry & Apple Crumble

Foraging for blackberries
on an autumn day
enough there for a crumble
from those we found along the way

We brought some Bramley apples too
from the farm shop, fresh and nice
For a crumble with hot custard
flavoured with a little spice

Somehow it tastes much better
with fruit we’ve picked by hand
A crumble made with local fayre
grown there on Sussex land



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