The day began with sunshine
so I popped down to the beach
armed with paints and brushes
and a long pole for to reach
the top bit of the beach hut
as it needs a lick of paint
It took me several hours
but a craftsman I just ain’t
It wouldn’t cut the mustard
with a decorator man
But it’s weatherproof and brighter
and I’m pleased with it, I am



Bellis Perennis

The Bellis Perennis
is a bit of a menace
and is quite fond of tennis
as it looks like a ball

But based on this premise
a Venetian called Dennis
came over from Venice
and said ‘Not at all’

For the Bellis Perennis
in its ‘in extremis’
is without a blemish
and quite beautiful


Senior Moments III

Screen Shot 2014-06-29 at 11.22.54

Just had a senior moment
Whilst writing poems in my book
Noticed I’d just missed my stop
Glancing up to take a look

Ended up much further on
So it’s a later start today
More time for writing poems
As I return the other way

But half an eye outside the window
Fo as it’s just been shown
I’m in danger of repeating it
and ending up back home


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