Wolfgang came to visit

Wolfgang came to visit

Sat down in the sun

Said with satisfaction

‘This is just why I have come’

He loves it in this garden

It is his home from home

and he really looks a picture

as I hope these words have shown

Wolfgang came to visit

it has been a good long time

and with a bark he told us

that this place for him is fine

He loves that he can run around

and jump and simply be

at home within this garden

where he can run for free


Photo – Jempics

A cracking hacking


In the garden today
I went wild with the shears
chopping back all the growth
that remained from last year

I chopped and I hacked
with a clip and a prune
as new shoots are forming
for new growth quite soon

Behind me the yellow
Forsythia started
an abundance of colour
from last year departed

So I thought time was right
to get out there and trim
before the Spring starts
with a smile and a grin

And when I had finished
and pondered it sighted
the garden looked great
and I was delighted


Photo – Jempics

First cut

I cut the grass
it’s looking good
but then I always
knew it would
It didn’t take
me very long
and just as well
(don’t get me wrong)
for it does not
take very much
to prove that I
still have the touch
But just in case
I could deceive
and so that they
would fair believe
I took a pic
to prove I’d done
and these weren’t
mere words I’d spun


Photo – Jempics


Goldfinch in my garden
hopping round about
looking for some nibbles
Spring is here. No doubt.
Grass needs a good cutting
but I’ll leave it for a bit
give it a chance to take good hold
not make too much of it

But by and by and not too long
we’ll be out there every day
enjoying Springtime and the sun
in every single way
Meantime though I’ll watch the birds
and squirrels as they come
waiting for the right time when
the winter’s fully done


Photo – Jempics

(Spot the Goldfinch! He’s really there – honest!)

For when winter is done

A shaft of the sun
hit our north-facing garden
with a word just to say
for a beg of my pardon
A brief glimpse of promise
when the winter is over
and the sun is back out there
for days bathed in clover

Not long to wait now
just eight or nine weeks
as each day gets longer
and sunshine it tweaks
The promise of Springtime
in that shaft of sun
in our north-facing garden
for when winter is done


Photo – Jempics

Iron flowers and smiles

Took some night-time pictures
‘cos the days are oh so short
of the iron flowers out here
in my garden for a thought

For they are really gorgeous
as I think you will agree
and always bring a smile
to us when daily them we see


Photo – Jempics

Precious moments

I sat outside and mourned the fact
That with us here north facing
The sunshine now has left us
For cooler winds more bracing

Yet still there is this pocket
And I’m thankful here for this
As with longer shadows growing
There remains this minor bliss

These moments now are precious
For with brevity they’re here
So I will seize the moment
Whenever they appear


Photo – Jempics

Autumn II

The door out to the garden
Is closed now every day
As it’s too chilly otherwise
I’m rather sad to say
Gone are the days of summer
When warmth allowed us to
Keep doors and windows open
To let warm breezes through

Now we’re resigned to Autumn
And the cooler days it brings
Even though the sunshine still
Has some warmer flings
But mostly we watch as the green
Slowly fades away
As autumn settles in
And begins to have its say


Photo – Jempics

Things to do on hot days II

Sitting in the garden
in my favourite chair
in my favourite shirt from Greece
watching wildlife there
Little birds a flutter
tasting birdseed by my side
and other times a squirrel
have here I’ve often spied

For this is quiet, a haven
here of solitude and peace
unspoilt by nose of traffic
not often here at least
So as long as I keep still
and just watch a little while
I’m sure to be rewarded
with a visit for a smile


Photo – Jempics

My blue seat

This seat out in the garden
like my neckerchief is blue
so I’ll often come and lie here
in the sunshine as you do
It’s perfect for my little legs
to lie on and relax
quite thoughtful of my humans
to provide for little chaps


Photo – Me (Obi Wan Kinobi) on my blue seat – Jempics

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