Glad for gladioli

Went into my garden
on a grey afternoon
and although it was warm
it felt rather gloom
But amongst the green brightly
I found there the white
of gladioli tall growing
and it was so bright
For it cheered my persona
and despite all the grey
its glorious wonder
really brightened my day


Photo – Jempics

Thankful and glad

We’ve had a lovely holiday
but it’s great to be back home
Back in Sussex by the sea
though many miles we’ve flown

We’ve sailed Iberian waters
up the Atlantic coast
Many lovely places seen
Unsure which we like the most

The climate has been wonderful
and it’s been hot most of the way
So it’s feeling chilly even though
it’s twenty-three today

There are many, many photos
to remember it all by
which we’ll always have to treasure
with a pleasurable sigh

For this we feel has truly been
the best holiday we’ve had
A thing for which we’re thankful
which has left us feeling glad


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