Whenever I see sunsets
out over the sea
I experience delight
with a feeling of glee

There’ve been many I’ve seen
since I was a boy
A blessing each one
deep seated in joy


Day 10 0f the ‘Blogging from A-Z challenge

Here’s to Christmas

The concrete sheep have reindeer ears
in Shoreham where they’ve been for years
There are shiny bikes out in the street
and dogs in jackets looking sweet

The paper mountains ripped and torn
revealed their gifts on Christmas morn
And smiles on faces match the glee
that comes with this festivity

This is a lovely time of year
One for sharing with good cheer
And as it’s Christmas here’s to you
I hope yours is simply lovely too


The first step

No hesitation here
No holding back
A firm foot forward
There’s nothing I lack
No niggling doubts
No worries or lows
No fear of unknown
No concerns and no woes

Anticipation abounds
Excitement and glee
The thrill of the moment
Encapsulates me
So my best foot goes forward
I am not mistaken
I have made the right choice
With the path I have taken


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