Autumn’s glory II

There’s a golden yellow blanket
covering the grass
as leaves fall from forsythia
now autumn comes to pass

November sees a bluster
and they fall down to the ground
the foliage from the summer
now for a winter found

And though I’m seldom out there
an exception I will make
to capture Autumn’s glory
in the photos that I take


Photo – Jempics

Virginia’s bid for glory

Virginia’s changed her colour
and gone on a crash diet
Her body has diminished
but she’s keeping far from quiet

From green to red her foliage
with vibrancy remains
Her bid for autumn’s glory
with five leaves red she claims

And I rather think she’ll win it
The crown belongs to her
For here is simple beauty
I’m certain you’ll concur




Like silk upon a summer breeze
soft pastel shades of pink
It’s beauty is beyond compare
or rivalry I think
The rose, our garden’s glory
mysteriously rare
Beauty that’s unparalleled
whenever it is there


Sheffield Park

Like a rainbow in the water
The colours are sublime
Reflected here and mirroring
This fantastic Autumn time

Sheffield Park in Sussex
A magnet at this time of year
For an Autumn colour showcase
In resplendent glory here




I stepped inside a masterpiece
with reds and oranges and
yellows liberally added
by Nature’s abstract hand

I didn’t know which way to turn
for there was wonder everywhere
so I simply turned in circles
to absorb the glory there



A thousand sunsets

If I could paint a thousand sunsets
I would capture every one
With a kaleidoscope of colour
Born of the golden sun
My palette would be filled
With yellows, reds and gold
And my brushstrokes on the canvas
Flamboyant, strong and bold

But, as I could never replicate
The masterpiece of Nature’s hand
I’ll continue painting sunsets
With words on paper and
hope my craft will capture
If only just in part
The glory of those sunsets
and the wonder in my heart



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