Summer rain

Born of a morning
with an overcast sky
a warmth to the air
and a smile to the eye

A freshness of loam
though damp underfoot
a heady perfume
to usefulness put

These days of a summer
so good for the soul
giving food to the earth
and keeping me whole

No sadness is here
no melancholy
for this is all part
of the summer of me


Good times

Wind is up and cooling
But it’s lovely in the sun
as I sit here on the wall and write
now my day is done

A few short lines to capture
the mood I’m feeling now
Relaxed and contemplating
with the sun warm on my brow

Then tomorrow morning, early
I’ll publish these few lines
to share what I have written
Good times (I say) good times


After the rain

Petrichor, a wholesome word
Describing rich perfume
of earth after the rain has come
when summer’s in full bloom

Intoxicating fragrance
of dampened soil and peat
Freshness after rainfall
follows days of summer heat

I have many favoured words
but have now added ‘petrichor’
For it possesses something magical
and is worthy of much more


Catching Happy


The effort of wearing a frown, I am told
Is harder than wearing a smile
And what a change one can bring to the world all at once
With a happy face once in a while

There’s a saying that goes, if I remember it right
“Catch someone doing some good”
So easy to chide, to point out the faults
Than to be nice every day, as we should

So keep watching out there as this week continues
A smile could be coming your way
Happy might catch you when you least expect
But it’s sure to help brighten your day


Photo of Henry the happy pig by Jempics

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