Goring Beach II

With eyes open wide
whilst the world was still snoring
I went for a walk on
the beach here at Goring
and the sky was as big
as ever skies get
with a hint of blue there
for some sunshine still yet
and the breeze was refreshing
and full in my face
as I put best foot forward
in this lovely place


Photo – Goring Beach, West Sussex – Jempics

Southern England’s voice

At Sea Lane in Goring
breakwaters remain
reaching out to the sea
And this is the Sussex
that speaks loud its voice
and is Southern England to me

Wild with a welcome
the waves breaking there
sparkle and shine in the sun
as my camera it captures
to hold and enrapture
when my frequent visits are done


Photo – Jempics

Sea Lane Surfers

By afternoon the wind was up
And the tide was really high
So we drove down to Goring
To watch the surfers fly
Sitting in the cafe there
With a coffee on the side
We had a perfect view
Of the rough and surging tide

Protected from the elements
We watched them find big air
Flying with their massive kites
Out on the white caps there
And it was exhilarating
For us and them as well
Watching as they flew and surfed
Out on the Channel swell



Simplicity II

There’s rain on the horizon
beyond a silver sea
And watching here from Goring Beach
this pure simplicity
is pretty much all that I need
to keep me satisfied
living here in Sussex
with a certain sense of pride



Over in a Western sky
seen from Goring beach
a band of yellow ochre
on horizon, out of reach
I know there’s sunshine out there
but from the grey above the sea
I know the rain will come
and keep the warming rays from me

Yet, standing here and watching
the splendour in this view
I am invigorated
here with pleasure to accrue
For this vista is breathtaking
in the sunshine and the rain
which is why I simply will return
here time and time again



Because I can

Took a walk to Goring beach
(the sunshine said I could)
Because I can and truth be told
if you were me, you would
A crime to stay tied to a desk
when just two miles away
is something quite as wonderful
as this breathtaking bay
The picture says it all I think
The beach, the sea, the sun
So at any opportunity
It’s this way that I will come



Goring Beach

Sea Lane cafe, Goring beach
On a rainy day
Warm inside with lattes
Egg and chips is on the way

Had a wander by the sea
Found pebbles, took a pic
Elvis barked at all the dogs
Lee felt much less sick

Blew the cobwebs clean away
Bracing in sea air
Fresh sand in our shoes and boots
With windswept salted hair


Sea Lane Cafe at Goring beach in West Sussex is one of our favourite places to go for a walk. The sea is rough and ready there , the beach wild and rugged and there are miles to wander at both high and low tides. Then, when the walking is done, the cafe with window seats overlooking the beach and the sea, offers a welcome rest point for a cup of tea and a snack, a cold beer in the summer or a slap-up meal in the winter.

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