Garden II

I have a parcel of land
out the back where I live
Which comes alive in the summer
when it’s superlative

But in winter it’s neglected
and gets quite overgrown
Too cold to sit out there
and the grass stays un-mown

I’ll still take a picture though
every once in a while
‘Cos even though I’m not out there
it still brings a smile


Freshly cut grass

I love the smell of grass
that has been freshly mown
for it reminds me of the summer
and the kindness it has shown
There’ve been many days of blue
with not a cloud in sight
When the sun in all its splendour
has shone with all its might

And like a duck to water
I have sat out in my chair
and revelled in the radiance
that shines around me there
That fragrance, just like lavender
calms me in that place
and the sunshine brings a smile
with its warmth upon my face



‘Neath years of hacked back overgrowth
The border stolen from our view
Is now transformed as nature
Covers it with grass anew

Encouraged by late summer sun
And fed by autumn rain
A lush green carpet now appears
Giving garden space again


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