Tri-haiku XX (Circular Green)

This circular green
Grown, cut back, abundant now
as summer takes hold

This circular green
A comfort true and fragrant
These summer senses

This circular green
With me, part of me, in me
I am in summer


Photo – Jempics

Sussex Fields revisited

8 of 10 in the Jemverse ‘Sussex’ series

Sussex fields so
bright and green
nicest that I
think I’ve seen
And when the sun
breaks over hill
I think that they
are nicer still


Photo – Jempics

Jemverse originally posted ‘Sussex Fields‘ on 4 June 2018


No 9 of 12 in the Jemverse ’12 months II’ series

May arrives with emerald glow
When Spring is here and in full flow
And oft to walking we will go
In the warm sunshine

May arrives as summer’s child
With warmer days and weather mild
On which we all will oft have smiled
With the warm sunshine

May arrives to herald June
As it will be the summer soon
And we will dance beneath the moon
After warm sunshine


Photo – Jempics

Lichen Green

And along these brittle winter trails
with barren branches here
The green reminds as lichen still
retains a festive cheer

So, putting best foot forward
a swift step through the field
Wrapped up warm for Christmas
I wander Sussex Weald.

And the lichen green reminds me
of a hand still there at play
in the beauty all around me
on this brittle winter day



Green Four

Seven colours, seven days
and green’s the next in line
The fourth one in the rainbow
and one that’s very fine

For it speaks to me of life itself
and the good things oft bestowed
on each of us ‘most every day
from all that nature grows



Part 4 of 7 – ‘The Rainbow series’


Luxuriant this time of year
the grass is verdant green
And unless I am mistaken
looks the best it’s ever been

It’s thick and lush and lovely
and loves the springtime sun
which bathes it in a golden light
until the day is done


Day 22 in the ‘Blogging from A-Z challenge

Greening time

Contentment here
in greening time
Out in the garden
bottle of wine
The dogs are playing
chasing a ball
Grass is all lush
and growing quite tall
Late evening sunshine
glints between leaves
Fragrance of spring
emanates from the trees
Contentment here
in greening time
perfect now
the weather’s fine


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